DTE IT Support guiding you through Windows 10
10th May 2019
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The Windows 10 update is now here for your computers and the designs are more innovative than ever!

In the past, Microsoft updates have been slightly problematic in that whilst the updates are more modern and make your devices easier to navigate, if you work in a company with a lot of computers, this can create rather a lot of disruption. With staff needing to be retrained as well as the update itself being costly, it can be tempting to skip an upgrade.

With Windows 10, Microsoft have listened and adapted to help the transition between upgrades more seamless. Rather than having one large upgrade every three years you can now get a smaller update every six months - all for free. This means there will be a lot less disruption and more people will be using the same software.

Time saving features

Windows 10 allows you to save time with your computer and with new features it makes interacting with it far more time efficient!

Your computer's timeline will be viewable through your phone with the Microsoft Launcher app - meaning you can easily revisit any important documents from your computer at work or even your phone at home.

Voice recognition

As well as this, you can talk to your computer and as it recognises your voice you will be able to set reminders for appointments or meetings!

Face ID

Windows 10 has the ability to mathematically recognise your face and fingerprint so you can instantly unlock your computer - without having to type a password!

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