Don’t let a BIG television cause serious back pain!
2nd June 2015
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Wall mounting your TV might be good for your pub regulars, customers and family but it isn’t good for your back, which is why you need Walshaw Aerial Services!

If you’ve visited a pub recently, you’ll know that TVs on walls is the next big thing. With sets getting bigger and bigger, there is simply not a TV stand big enough these days and it takes up so much space anyway, doesn’t it? This is why many restaurants, lounges, pubs and hotels have televisions on walls, as they can then utilise floor space, it looks professional and larger audiences can view the

But, there is a risk installing a large TV onto the wall, not just with your own health but for the safety of others too. How do you know if your television is secure? Well, the truth is, until something happens, you won’t, which is why you should use an expert for this particular type of installation.

Mitchell from Walshaw Aerial Services provides a specialist TV wall mounting service which doesn’t just comprise of fitting your set onto the wall. Included is:

  • Wall mounting of your television
  • Supply of flush, tilt and swing brackets if needed
  • LCD/ Plasma television set up and tuning
  • Set up and tuning of up to three components such as Sky. Freesat or DVD
  • Surface routing of cables to components
  • 1 year parts and labour guarantee as standard

Mitchell is the local expert in this field, and has years’ of experience which has secured his reputation as one of the best businesses in Bury. Rather than risk serious injury to yourself or your customers, contact Walshaw Aerial Services. A free no, obligation is available. Click here for more information.

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