Does your property need some 2020 TLC? Call Property Medics!
16th December 2019
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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from Property Medics of Bury, how can they help you?

Hopefully the weather will be kind to us as we start into winter proper, January and February can be rough, and we have already seen some pretty heavy rain, flooding  and strong winds.

Due to the weather conditions a lot of repair jobs will crop up and the team at Property Medics is ready to make light work of breakages and running repairs no matter how large or small.

Property Medics will also look after gardening maintenance, keeping the surroundings tidy, and preparing beds for spring. Bedding plants will soon be available which will allow you to spruce up the boarders. As we progress through winter there will be a good deal of garden work to be done including replacing and waterproofing fences as needed.

Regular maintenance can help avoid many of the problems that property owners face and Property Medics will look after General Repairs around the house, runny taps, electrical work, plastering – small areas and entire walls, carpentry, to name just a few. Do you have jobs that need to be done? Call Property Medics!

Overflowing gutters? Wind and branch damage? Property Medics will check to see if they are broken or clogged with leaves and remedy the problem. If left leaky gutters can allow damp to enter the property and affect inside rooms. Do you have a damp wall problem, or water coming into your home? Call Property Medics!

Replacing the decorations? Many of us will be wanting to freshen up the home after Christmas and New Year, spring clean round the house and use the time to get ready for spring. Call Property Medics, they will do the whole job for you; repair and plaster internally, painting and decorating, wall papering, small touch up jobs and larger scale property decorating. Plus cleaning and making ready, hanging curtains etc.

Property Medics Maintenance Ltd offer a free no obligation survey and quotation so whatever the property, whatever the issue, whatever you need to have done by these highly efficient and friendly people who are a much-trusted business Property Medics are ready willing and able!

Book your 2020 free Property Medics quotation today and get the job done!

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