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23rd April 2021
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Business is starting to return to as normal as is possible in the present circumstances with many businesses gearing up to ‘hit the streets running’! Businesses that have been locked down, running on a skeleton staff, home workers keeping firms ticking over – and new businesses preparing to start trading all have one thing in common, the need for state-of-the-art communications! Limping along with old fashioned kit, making do, in short failing to invest in the way that you communicate with your team members, your customers, suppliers and support networks is just not cost-effective. It is time to change!

Connect Comms of Bury is a company dedicated to supplying each and every customer with a first-class service and high-tech solutions from start to finish lead by you and respecting your every requirement and your budget.

Connect Comms dedicated team of professionals has well in excess of 30 years’ experience and hands on knowledge of the telecommunications industry, they will listen to your wishes regarding cloud-based telephone systems and provide a solution to improve your business!

What can Connect Comms do for your business?

NEC systems, Connect Comms is an official partner with NEC which provides the company with a wider range of options with which to facilitate your business needs. There are 2 brand new systems available to customers, the SV9100 that is better suited to larger organisations with multiple sites, and the SL2100 that is better suited to SMES’s and start-up businesses.

Business Landlines and Connect Comms Hosted.

Fever Screening Thermal Cameras, using advanced detectors and algorithms and linked with HIKVISION is able to detect a wider range of activations using heat signals – body heat etc.

Wi Fi solutions, ideal for smaller business, offering a dependable solution. Connect Comms offer bespoke solutions for all business types and sizes to boost revenues, collect usable data, and provide insightful analytics.

Broadband Solutions through Connect Comms providing greater speed and effectiveness. A 21st Century service to suit your modern business or organisation.

Mobile comms, Connect Comms recognise the need for high spec mobile comms, professional mobile telephony can mean the difference between success and failure! Connect Comms will not leave the outcome to chance, with vast knowledge and experience of how mobile telecoms can transform your business they are the experts and offer a range of tariffs to suit your needs can you afford not to call them?

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