Defrosting Dos and Don'ts: A Guide to Safe Winter Driving with Garside Garage
4th December 2023
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Winter poses distinct challenges for drivers, creating extra care for both vehicles and road safety. Garside Garage, situated in Bury, highlights the significance of winter car care.

Offering an array of services, including car servicing, repairs, MOT preparation, and MOTs, Garside Garage stands as your reliable partner in maintaining your vehicle's winter readiness.

Understanding the Importance of Proper Defrosting

When confronted with frosty windows and icy conditions, adopting a proactive approach to defrosting becomes crucial. Garside Garage recommends the following dos and don'ts to ensure safe winter driving: 


  1. Start Early: Garside Garage advises drivers to initiate the defrosting process well in advance of their planned departure to ensure all windows, mirrors, and locks are completely free of ice and frost.
  2. Use the Right Tools: Invest in a quality ice scraper and defrosting solution. Garside Garage recommends avoiding makeshift tools to prevent potential damage to windows.
  3. Turn on the Defrost Setting: Utilise the defrost setting for both front and rear windows, allowing sufficient time for the system to work effectively.
  4. Ventilation Matters: Garside Garage suggests cracking open a window slightly to facilitate the escape of moist air, preventing interior fogging.
  5. Clear Snow from the Roof: Before hitting the road, drivers are reminded to clear snow from the vehicle's roof, as falling snow during transit poses hazards to both the driver and other road users.


  1. Hot Water for Defrosting: Garside Garage discourages the use of hot water for defrosting, as the sudden temperature change can lead to window cracking.
  2. Leaving Wipers on When Starting: If wipers are frozen to the windshield, Garside Garage advises against turning them on immediately to prevent damage to the wiper motor or blades.
  3. Ignoring Side Mirrors: Garside Garage emphasises the importance of defrosting side mirrors for clear visibility, essential for safe lane changes and overall road awareness.
  4. Leaving the Car Unattended: While the vehicle warms up, Garside Garage recommends drivers stay with their cars, as leaving an unattended running vehicle is both unsafe and may be against the law.

Garside Garage – Your Winter Car Care Partner

For all winter car care needs, Garside Garage encourages drivers to trust in their fully trained and time-served engineers. Alongside car servicing, repairs, and MOT preparation, Garside Garage offers safety inspections to ensure vehicles are in optimal condition. Take advantage of the free local collection and drop-off service for added convenience.

This winter, entrust your vehicle's well-being to Garside Garage. With comprehensive car care services, Garside Garage is committed to keeping you safe on the roads. Stay secure and prepared for winter driving with Garside Garage by your side.

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