Coping with winter conditions - drive with care
18th January 2013
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Coping with winter conditions - drive with care

Winter roads can be rather scary to say the least, especially if you are a new, inexperienced or nervy driver. There are things that you can do to help yourself.

Bear in mind that breakdowns are at a higher rate in cold snaps so here are some things you could ensure are in tip top condition:

Your battery - check it's energy level (many garages will do this at no cost)
As a battery generally only lasts around 5 years it's always best to ensure that you get it checked. Always avoid running anything electrical in your vehicle longer than necessary - so when your windscreen is clear, turn off the heater.
Always ensure you turn off non essential electricals prior to starting the engine as these can drain more life from your battery.
Check your antifreeze is full, it's not a big outlay and only costs a few pounds but it's an essential part of ensuring that yout engine runs smoothly. a 50-50 mixture of antifreeze and water gives maximum protection down to -34 degrees.

Driver Visibility

Hold your hands up......... how many of you have driven without your windscreen being totally clear whether that be from frost or condensation? 

If you are caught then you face the possibility of a sometimes large fine, it simply isn't worth the extra few minutes it would take to ensure you are safe to drive in the first place.
Bear in mind - if you are not driving with full clarity then you are putting not just you and your passengers at risk, but also other road users and pedestrians.
Wait the extra few minutes, use your air con as this helps de mist your screen faster. De icer and scrapers are also useful tools as most of us are already aware.
And, of course also ensure that your headlights are in full working order to ensure full safety for everyone. This includes your number plates including keeping that clean in it's own right.
This may mean you getting up and leaving ten minutes early - but better that than a situation you might regret.
If snow has fallen then always ensure that it's cleared from not only the windscreens and number plates but the roof too. Falling snow from a vehicle infront of you can be a hazardous experience.

Ensure that your tyres have plenty of tread, ideally 3mm and don't ever reduce your tyre pressure as it reduces stability. Of course there are other options that you could utilise - winter tyres for example which give a better grip and even snow chains should you feel the urge.

And for all of those old guides and scouts out there - you'll have heard the phrase "Always Be Prepared"
Very true - carry essentials in your car (just in case) wellingtons or boots, extra warm clothes, a blanket, a shovel and some say a Mars Bar. It may sound daft but they'll help keep you warm and safe should the unfortunate need arises.

If you need help on any of the above or have queries then don't hesitate to contact one of our excellent garage services here in Bury who can assist in matters of any nature relating to the points above. Click on the link for motoring and biking here.

And lastly........

In bad weather conditions such as snow and ice it can take up to 10 times longer to halt your vehicle!

Please stay safe on the roads!

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