Compliance Training of Bury say ‘name that tune’ and wash your hands whilst you sing it!
27th March 2020
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The Government with the support of the NHS and Scientific communities have given regular updates about the precautions that should be taken in order to avoid contamination. A common way people may become infected and share coronavirus is through coughs and sneezes causing droplets (spray) that can be transferred from person to person and through contact with door handles, surfaces etc where infected people have made contact.


Handwashing is a very important measure that all of us must take seriously. Thorough hand washing using soap and water (or sanitiser) is advised throughout the day, the more often you wash your hands the better following a trip to the loo, before preparing food, before eating, after unpacking groceries, in fact as often as can reasonably be done. During washing of ones hands make sure that the backs of your hands are washed, between the fingers, brush fingernails and rinse thoroughly. It is vitally important that if preparing food for others, especially vulnerable people, that this discipline is followed.

Why sing a song? Because by the time you have sung a chorus of your favourite song 20 seconds or more will have elapsed and 20 seconds is the length of time that you should take when washing your hands. It’s good fun especially with children and it is a good lesson for life.


General Health and Safety at home and elsewhere is of major importance. Many of us wear gloves during a trip to the shop for essentials and the pharmacy/chemist. Following a trip to the shops wash your hands, then after putting the groceries away wash again especially where you did not have gloves to wear.


Stay Home. Self-isolation is the primary way of making sure that infected people don’t pass coronavirus on.


Social distancing, if you have to go to the shops or pharmacy, keep your distance. Most shops are enforcing a rota in store to allow people to stay 2 metres (7 feet) plus apart.


Be reassured, the Coronavirus pandemic will come to an end and our lives will go back to normal in time, stay positive, take your daily exercise to stay healthy, keep your mind active and give moral support to others where possible, we will get through this together!


Thinking about your post pandemic future? Compliance Training want to hear from you!

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