Common problems with your TV reception & what to do!
20th January 2016
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In this blog for Walshaw Aerial Services, we're discussing the problems you may face with your TV's reception and how to improve it!

There are a number of common problems faced with a television's reception and, if you're not an expert, you probably won't know what to do or how to fix them.

In this blog for Bury-based business Walshaw Aerial Services, we're outlining some of the common issues and what you can do before calling out an expert.

Channels missing

Nothing is more frustrating than when you lose your the channel home to your favourite programme!

What it could be?

Some addresses don't receive certain channels - and it's all down to geography. If you've recently moved into a property, you can check your geographical coverage online - simply Google it!

What you can do

Retune your television and TV. If this doesn't work, call Walshaw Aerial Services. Your freeview box might need to be cleared of memory or you may need to retune without the aerial. If it isn't this problem, it may be down to the aerial and calling a contractor is important. All of this can be done by this Bury-based business.


Freezing TV picture

You're watching in suspense and your picture freezes. Oh, great.

What could it be?

This is usually the sign of a weak signal, which can be affected by bad cable connections or weather conditions.

What you can do

First of all, check your geographical location (as always) and the condition of the cables. It could be damanged or loose aerial plugs, which is why it's key to call in a trusted, recommended expert should the signal not improve.


Walshaw Aerial Services

This is a very specialist area and so it’s no surprise that you might want to speak to someone who knows all about it. Walshaw Aerial Services install and maintain all types of TV aerials in both domestic and commercial settings, as well as offering repairs and a free initial consulation. Mitchell and his team have built a reputation in Bury and surrounding areas for their expertise, reliable service and competitive pricing. If you want to relax in front of the television without no interruptions, give them a call!


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