Cleaning and Maintaining your pond with Ponds Northwest
18th May 2018
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 A common misconception with having a pond installed is that they can be a lot of hassle and difficult to maintain. With Ponds Northwest, this is not an issue.

When constructing a pond, Ponds Northwest always ensure that the pond is simple, stunning and doesn't require a lot of extra care.

As well as this, you may already have a pond with koi carp in it and you may be completely clueless when it comes to caring for them and keeping your waters clean and a safe but natural habitat for them.

Just a few of the services that Ponds Northwest has to offer to their clients include: skimming water debris off the surface of your pond, pond vacuum, removal of debris and leaves, blanket weed and algae removal as well as control, inspection and cleaning of pumps for the ponds, adding any treatments for fish or water (including filter bacteria and de-chlorinator).

The list goes on...

Not only does Ponds Northwest cover your typical pond maintenance services, having such an extensive knowledge in pond construction and maintenance, they can also offer more complex options: fish health, full pond cleans, filter cleans and water clarity improvements are to name a few.

These kind of services are ideal for people who may desire to keep fish, although may not have the knowledge or time to care correctly for them, as well as keeping their pond working and looking pristine.

It is also of utmost importance to Ponds Northwest to constantly provide complete customer satisfaction to their clients. Being a local business, there is instantly a more caring foundation present between the team and their clients and they want to always take pride in every project they do and ensure their customers are happy with both the service and their new water feature.

If you are interested in any of the services Ponds Northwest has to offer please call 07737 674417

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