Celebrating Excellence: Local and Loved Awards Night 2023
11th July 2023
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We are thrilled to share the highlights from the unforgettable Local and Loved Awards Night 2023, a remarkable evening that brought together the finest businesses and individuals in Bury, Bolton, and Blackburn.


Hosted by the dynamic duo of Maura Jackson and Aaron Calvert, the event was filled with laughter, magic, and heartfelt celebration.


The Village Hotel Bury served as the perfect backdrop for this special occasion. Guests arrived in high spirits, ready to honour and applaud the outstanding achievements within the local community. The presence of esteemed guests, including the Mayor of Bolton, Councillor Mohammed Ayub, added an extra touch of prestige to the event.


The Local and Loved Awards Night began with a sumptuous three-course meal, expertly prepared and served by the talented team at The Village Hotel Bury. As guests savoured their meals, they were captivated by the mind-blowing performances from Aaron Calvert, whose mesmerising mind reading talents left everyone in awe.


The much-anticipated awards ceremony commenced, showcasing the exceptional talent and dedication found in various industries. Each award category represented a specific sector, and the winners were met with enthusiastic applause and cheers from their peers. It was a true testament to the support and camaraderie within the business community.

The evening held a bittersweet moment as the prestigious award for The North West's Most Loved Networker was accepted by The Mayor of Bolton on behalf of the late Phil Thompson, the beloved managing director of Key Control Services. Phil's passing earlier this year left a profound void in our business community and in the hearts of those who knew him personally. His remarkable contributions and his genuine connections with people made him a cherished figure. As we honoured his memory and celebrated his remarkable achievements, we recognised the lasting impact he had on the local business landscape. May his legacy continue to inspire and guide us.


Let's take a moment to recognise the remarkable winners and finalists from the Local and Loved Awards Night 2023:

Bury's Most Loved Technology and Communication Services (sponsored by Beyond the Bold)

  • Commended: Copy Print Services
  • Highly Commended: Mahon Web and Design
  • Winner: Joe Hague Photography

Bolton's Most Loved Technology and Communications Services

  • Commended: Hutech Robotics
  • Highly Commended: Intersoft Developments
  • Winner: Copy Print Services

Bury's Most Loved Learning & Education Provider (sponsored by Village Hotel Bury)

  • Commended: Red Tiger Karate Club
  • Highly Commended: Bury College
  • Winner: Grow Your Mindset

Bolton's Most Loved Learning & Education Provider

  • Commended: Bolton Tuition Centre
  • Highly Commended: Bolton Lads and Girls Club
  • Winner: Whys Up


Bury's Most Loved Tradesperson

  • Commended: MCR Gas
  • Highly Commended: Carlo Picasso Decorators
  • Winner: Berry Electrical

Bury's Most Loved Legal & Professional Services

  • Commended: Woodcocks Haworth & Nuttall
  • Highly Commended: People Matters HR
  • Winner: Munro Greenhalgh

Bolton's Most Loved Legal and Professional Services (Sponsored by Intersoft Developments) 

  • Highly Commended: ADK Law
  • Winner: Insight Business Solutions

Bury's Most Loved Health and Wellbeing Service Provider (sponsored by People Matters HR)

  • Commended: Fusefit
  • Highly Commended: Little Haven at Home
  • Winner: Grow Your Mindset


Bolton's Most Loved Health and Wellbeing Service Provider

  • Commended: Bolton Lads and Girls Club
  • Highly Commended: WhysUp
  • Winner: Flawless Physique

Bury's Most Loved Business Service Provider

  • Commended: People Matters HR and BusinessLodge
  • Highly Commended: Grow Your Mindset
  • Winner: AspinFM

Bolton's Most Loved Business Service Provider

  • Commended: Copy Print Services
  • Highly Commended: Angela Kelly
  • Winner: B2B Workwear

Bury's Most Loved Home Service Provider

  • Commended: Fortis Windows
  • Highly Commended: Senior Waste Removals
  • Winners: Carlo Picasso Decorators

Bolton's Most Loved Home Service Provider

  • Commended: Bolton Lock Company
  • Highly Commended: Little Lever Blinds
  • Winner: Harmony Blinds


Bury's Most Loved Leisure & Events
  • Commended: Red Tiger Karate Club
  • Highly Commended: Joe Hague Photography
  • Winner: Village Hotel Bury

Bolton's Most Loved Leisure & Events (sponsored by Sushma'Snacks)

  • Commended: Cineworld Bolton
  • Highly Commended: Bolton FM
  • Winner: Octagon Theatre

Blackburn's Most Loved Leisure & Events

  • Commended: Unit2Fitness for Women
  • Highly Commended: Dance Syndrome
  • Winner: Rothwell Arts Dance Academy

Bury's Most Loved Automotive Service (sponsored by Munro Greenhalgh)

  • Commended: The Car Co
  • Highly Commended: Get Driving Today
  • Winner: 360 Vehicle Leasing

Bolton's Most Loved Automotive Service

  • Commended: Lexus Bolton
  • Highly Commended: Fish Motors
  • Winner: Bolt-On Towing
Bury's Most Loved Hospitality & Food Service
  • Commended: Eagle & Child
  • Highly Commended: Holcombe Tap
  • Winner: Village Hotel Bury 
Bolton's Most Loved Hospitality & Food Service (sponsored by Flawlesss Physique) 
  • Commended: Holiday Inn Bolton
  • Highly Commended: Last Drop Village Hotel & Spa
  • Winner: Sushma'Snacks 

Bury's Most Loved Charity (sponsored by GJ Plastics)

  • Commended: Bury Hospice
  • Highly Commended: Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary

Bolton's Most Loved Charity

  • Commended: Bolton Lads and Girls Club
  • Highly Commended: Lagan's Foundation
  • Winner: Backup Northwest


As the evening drew to a close, the final award of the night was presented, honouring The North West's Most Loved Hotel. This prestigious award, sponsored by Carlo Picasso Decorators, celebrated the outstanding contributions of hotels in the region. Bolton Stadium Hotel received commended recognition, while the Village Hotel Bury was highly commended. However, it was the Last Drop Village Hotel & Spa that claimed the ultimate victory, leaving a lasting impression with their exceptional service and warm hospitality.


The Local and Loved Awards Night wasn't just about individual winners; it was a celebration of all the commended, highly commended, and winners who exemplify the spirit of excellence in their respective fields. As the crowd joined together for group photographs, the atmosphere was electric, filled with camaraderie and shared success.

We would like to extend a special acknowledgment to GJ Plastics, the esteemed sponsor of the Most Loved Charity Award in Bury. Not only did they generously support this category, but they also played a vital role as the suppliers of the magnificent trophies that graced the hands of our winners. The exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail in these trophies showcased the exceptional quality and dedication that GJ Plastics brings to their work.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the sponsors, finalists, and attendees for making the Local and Loved Awards Night 2023 an extraordinary success. Your unwavering support and dedication to the local community have truly made a difference.

A special thank you goes out to Joe Hague Photography, who not only captured the magical moments of the evening but also played a pivotal role as the official photographer for the Local and Loved Awards 2023.

As we reflect on this memorable night, let's carry forward the spirit of celebration and support for one another. Together, we have showcased the exceptional talent, services, and businesses that make our local community thrive.

Once again, congratulations to all the winners, highly commended, and commended individuals and businesses. Your achievements inspire us all and remind us of the incredible things that can be accomplished when passion and dedication meet.

Here's to the continued success and growth of our local community. Until we gather again, let's keep celebrating and supporting one another.

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