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17th March 2017
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Security systems are intended to protect people, property,  and businesses by preventing intruders from entering into one’s property because they stand a better chance of being caught! Any electronic surveillance systems that will achieve that are to be recommended. Because most thieves are opportunists they will seek out weaknesses in property that are without security protection, because it is any easier touch!

Closed Circuit Television - CCTV - systems now have a very strong preventative role in showing that the occupier is taking security seriously, simply seeing that a property is protected by CCTV will be generally enough for them to leave you unscathed. In addition, having a camera system that will show who is at your door, with an intercom so you can speak to them, will provide a level of security and confidence that will be most effective.

Connect Electric are experts in the supply and installation of CCTV for domestic and business users. The team at Connect Commercial and Domestic Contractors have well over 13 years’ experience and are fully up to date with the technical and all legal requirements. The Company is a NAPIT Trust Mark registered Company giving customers old and new the confidence that is needed when dealing with security matters.

CCTV has moved with the times; no longer is it low-tech. Current CCTV systems are state of the art digital systems employing very high specification cameras that can be located and operated remotely and with a startling colour quality and clarity making identification of culprits far easier than in the past. Because CCTV systems are digital they are able to take a number of feeds at once making overall site surveillance much easier.

Additionally, CCTV being digital allows vast storage of images on a computer, subject to regulations, with very fast recall. And, using mobile phone technology it is possible to have immediate access to your CCTV system and maintain your own surveillance from anywhere, home, abroad etc.

Connect Electric guarantee competitive prices on all security projects large and small, domestic or commercial, people requiring professional advice and a pre-quotation survey should contact the local office in Bury.

Connect Electric are contractors who will supply and install Solar Panels, and will take care of electrical systems, will re-wire premises and homes, and will advise on energy saving.

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