Car prices on the rise? Buy now and save your money at 360 Vehicle Leasing!
7th December 2020
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The marketplace is in a state of flux, Covid 19 has caused problems for us all and the prospect of a no-deal Brexit is causing further uncertainty and potentially rises in prices across the board. New car purchases are likely to incur importation levies plus changes in the value of the pound could place further pressure on prices.


The solution to this conundrum is to talk to the experts at 360 Vehicle Leasing about acquiring your new car through them as a matter of urgency!


360 Vehicle Leasing specialise in offering Contract Hire and Outright Purchase on new vehicles. The team at 360 Vehicle Leasing are experts in facilitating best value for money car and commercial vehicle acquisition for individuals and commercial buyers, making this the firm to go to before the full impact of Brexit happens. Regardless of whether the Brexit negotiations succeed leasing is a highly cost-effective way to operate business vehicles and for domestic motorists as it allows you to drive a brand-new up to date state of the art vehicle of choice with a total maintenance package without breaking the bank and you could replace it in time with the latest model!


For those of us who are not tech savvy the changes in car and commercial vehicle design, plus changes in Government policy towards making the Country more green, are combining to make new car purchase more complex. What to buy? Petrol, diesel, electric or hybrid? No doubt Government will adjust the taxation etc to drive us toward more carbon neutral vehicles, indeed this is already happening, but do you know which is best? The professionals at 360 Vehicle Leasing are independent of the manufacturers and therefore happy to advise purchasers in an objective manner to ensure that your purchase is right for you and with the best deal to suit your needs.


Now is the time to visit 360 Vehicle Leasing and look at the range of cars and commercials that can be purchased, chat with the team about what suits your budget and your individual requirements – a run-about, a family size car, a luxury tourer, and what motive power you want. Next, how do you want to buy, leasing or outright purchase?


Still debating?


Call 360 Vehicle Leasing today and ask the experts! They are waiting for your call!


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