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14th October 2020
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What is a virus? In short, viruses are comprised of tiny particles that spread a disease such as the Covid19, the common cold, flu, chicken pox and measles to mention just a few. Virus particles can cause disease in people, animals and plants and they settle on surfaces once they have been spread. Spreading is by hands-on contact, sneezing, coughing and even breathing or speaking as droplet spray carries the illness.


Virus particles are so tiny that they are only visible through a powerful micro-scope, and only begin to be active when they infect the new host person, animal, or plant, once it enters the host – person, animal, or plant it can reproduce itself and spread.

Covid 19 and other viruses do collect on hard surfaces, once the surface has been handled the virus will spread to the next person etc, therefore surfaces must be deep cleaned in public places, people can help themselves by using hand sanitiser, but for public safety all surfaces in frequently used venues must be deep cleaned often.

Deep cleaning is thorough and applies to business premises. Presently because of the CV19 problem the aim is to clean every item that could transmit the virus particles to humans. Included in deep cleaning is the complete cleaning of kitchen surfaces, bathrooms, and washrooms. Because Covid 19 is such a serious matter special attention will be paid to surfaces, door handles and any other surface that people come into contact with.

Brightway Cleaning Ltd of Bury are experts at conducting deep cleaning of premises in commercial and industrial settings and domestic properties too! Premises that the Brightway Cleaning team look after includes industrial units/attached offices, restaurants, public houses, medical and dental centres plus churches, in fact anywhere that professional cleaning is required to keep people safe in ‘normal’ times and especially in the current situation.

Brightway Cleaning is an award-winning local company that is greatly respected and trusted, a fact supported by their outstanding customer reviews and testimonials.

Brightway Cleaning Ltd, is full insured and a Which Trusted Trader (a company that assess and endorses only the best traders), plus Brightway Cleaning has been a greatly trusted member of The Best of Bury for over 9 years!

Brightway Cleaning will deep clean your premises throughout the Bury and surrounding areas and are available 24/7!

Call today and stay safe!

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