Brightway Cleaning & Facilities Management now offer small garden tidies
20th April 2018
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For some time, Brightway Cleaning have offered additional services which have organically grown and developed into far more than the original company's initial business plan.

Owner Steve was regularly asked if certain other jobs could be done around the home and being the sort of guy he is, he welcomed the opportunity to expand his services, ensuring that those little jobs that could be bolted onto a clean were within reach for everyone.

Those services involve a great range, from ironing, maintenance; changing a light bulb for example, they've even been known to take the dog for a walk if it's needed. For many, these additional services have been priceless and as such, the team have added them to their ever expanding list along with many more.

New gardening service
Brightway is a family run business that has seen Steve's wife and son become involved over the years. Wife Sandy has a passion for gardening so it seemed quite apt for her to offer her abilities to those clients who need a bit of a tidy, a re potted window box, weeding or a garden mow. As summer approaches, she's already started to get busy and the clients love
her. As the weather improves and everything grows faster, including those nasty weeds, Sandy offers her services to those that love the garden but simply cannot maintain it in the way they'd really like to. In turn, this means that they'll still be able to sit outside and enjoy the garden but without the stress and aches and pains of managing it all themselves.

A great addition to the facilities part of the business, Brightway Cleaning are happy to quote you for your small garden jobs.

Call 0161 956 2578 for more information.

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