Branded Coats are in Fashion! Ideal 365 is your local Workwear Supplier!
5th January 2022
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Winter is here and as we move into mid-Winter poor weather conditions are to be expected, for employers with teams of staff working outdoors the Health and Safety aspect is too important to be ignored, plus there is a well-recognised spinoff from investing in presenting your logo and service to any prospective observer.

Amongst the many products stocked and marketed by Idea 365 is high quality Branded Workwear. With more people being employed, more businesses being set up and greater opportunities developed the need to have well targeted logo placement is more opportune than ever.

The image below demonstrates some of the Uniform that Idea 365 can create:


In recent weeks Ideal 365 have received orders for Branded Coats etc placed by leading local firms including Coyne & Woods the Green Utilities business and fellow Best of Bury member, Lookers Vauxhall for their management team and Sayers the Bakers acquiring Branded Workwear and Boots for their valued staff members (keeping them warm and toasty).

Branded Coats keep outdoor personnel warm and safe; workwear protects the wearers and shows a professional regard for the employees. Plus, having ones team members correctly dressed for the job, in smart purpose made clothing, projects a strongly professional image.

Ideal 365 is a leading local supplier of professional quality workwear, personal protective equipment (PPE) Corporate Branded Clothing, Janitorial supplies to cater for the day to day needs of a busy organisation, office furniture and stationery, in fact they carry over 100,000 different products under one roof that can be seen by following the link below. Excellent customer service and competitive prices set Ideal 365 apart from the rest! Efficiency from placing an order to receiving delivery is vital to busy customers who have more important matters to deal with, Ideal 365 carry everything in stock and ready to despatch with Free Postage on orders over £75 in value!


Winter will cause its own problems with a greater demand for many products, not least warm clothing, working gloves – protective and warm, boots - when we do have snow don’t be caught in footwear that isn’t up to the job, plus those incidentals that are much in need now including hand sanitiser, soap, janitorial supplies to reduce the risk infections, lavatory paper etc. Don’t get caught out, order your stocks now and replenish your store cupboards.

Branded Coats are in Fashion, and they make an excellent return on investment by keeping working teams working!

Order yours today!

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