Beat the rush and plan your Christmas DIY work in advance with Property Medics
6th September 2018
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It's the same every year, I hear so many people say they're going to replace the carpet or redecorate for when the relatives and friends come over to stay at Christmas and New Year. Whilst some like to do the DIY work themselves, there are plenty that cringe at the mere thought of it.

That's where Property Medics come in.

Don't leave it until November 

Chances are if you do, you'll not get your work done. Let's face it, the world and their dog feel that they need work doing pre Christmas. It "just has to be done" and most leave it until the last minute only to be rather disappointed that they've left it far too late.
Book those jobs in now and you'll have a sparkly fresh home in plenty of time, ready to welcome aunty Joan and the family from down south!

About Property Medics

Property Medics are a one stop shop when it comes to home improvement.
Whether you require a whole room stripping and redecorating, work on your garden or patio, grouting in the bathroom or simple repair work, no job is too small, or in fact too large.
The team are supported by a vast range of contractors covering most trades and every one has been personally interviewed and vetted to ensure that you get great service and a quality standard of workmanship, no matter what the job.

Book now
Yes, it may seem Christmas is a while away but it will be here before you know it. It'll creep up and bite you on the bum faster than you can say "Santa" and none of us want to see that to happen!

Remember, good trades are not immediately available, those that are are probably not the sort of contractor you want to be dealing (with the odd exception obviously)

For more information or to book your pre Christmas work call 0161 451 3164

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