BDE Accountants Bury launch their brand new ‘Ask me Anything’ service!
11th August 2020
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Have you questions about the covid-19 impact on your business? Accounting problems caused by the pandemic, layoffs, furloughing etc? Downsizing due to covid-19? Questions about year-end accounts, taxation etc?


You can now call the experts at BDE Accountants to use their ‘Ask me Anything’ service, the service is available Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays between 12 noon and 2pm, and book a Free 15-minute chat with them.


Running a business is an exciting yet daunting experience. Whilst entrepreneurs are great at making and mending, selling, and servicing etc., they are often unaware of what an accountant does and how much weight they can take off your shoulders. Doing what you know how is good but getting the best out of doing so and having professional help to keep you compliant and sleeping nights – peacefully - is essential.


BDE is a local company of Chartered Accountants and Business Growth Consultants who bring world class knowledge and experience to Small Businesses to help them prosper by streamlining their accounting functions, understand business numbers, and scale or restructure their businesses. BDE specialises in helping start-ups, growing businesses, and offering empathetic consultancy services to maximise your businesses chances of succeeding in the present day.


Covid-19 has caused many problems for businesses, surviving post covid-19 requires grit and determination as well as sound guidance. Establishing a new start-up business in the present environment is very worthwhile so long as you do your homework and that means taking onboard top-class advice!


BDE will be happy to provide a range of services:


Bookkeeping, essential that regular bookkeeping is conducted by any business to ensure that the business is complying with HMRC requirements and to make sure that you, the owner, are getting the best return from your efforts.


Accounts need to be prepared and submitted accurately and on time.


Payroll services will free you up to run your business.


BDE Accountants will look into all possible opportunities to make sure that tax is legitimately saved where possible.


Cloud accounting and maintenance can be facilitated using Xero, BDE are specialists in this field.


How would you like to streamline your business, make more money, cut back on waste, become more efficient and get on with what you do best?


Don’t waste time, call BDE for your 15-minute slot and ‘Ask me Anything’ question!


BDE Accountants are at your service! Sign up with them now!



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