Authorised Access of Bury want your property to be safe during lockdown!
14th October 2020
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How secure is your property?

Should a new lockdown happen will your prized business and personal assets be safe?

Thieves love to be able to operate in such circumstances. Opportunists will take any easy pickings that they find whereas more organised thieves will use lockdown to penetrate property that is known to contain items of interest – and they may know that your security is not up to par.

Sadly, many domestic and commercial property owners do not take security seriously, leaving openings for intruders - quite literally. Over and above the Covid 19 lockdown we are entering into the ‘dark’ months of Autumn and Winter, another opportunity for thieves to be out and about!

Authorised Access will work with you to prevent break-ins to your property and your business, they are experts in keeping property safe. The Authorised Access team specialise in providing cutting edge equipment to keep thieves out.

Authorised Access is a key member of the Master Locksmiths Association and the UK Locksmiths Association, both of which are dedicated to maintaining and improving standards within the industry, ensuring that the person entering your home or business is qualified, experienced, CRB checked, and does not have a Criminal Record! Your property will be more secure with Authorised Access personnel with over 30 years of hands-on experience.

What can Authorised Access do for you?

Ensure that only people who are authorised will have access to your property by:

-      Authorized Access only install locks that conform to BS 3621 on all external doors, thereby complying with insurance requirements.

-      Supplying safes for domestic homes and commercial businesses, built for the job as recommended by insurers.

-      Padlocks and chains, designed to suit your level of need:

  • Grade 1 Low security,
  • Grade 2 Standard security,
  • Grade 3 Medium – High security,
  • Grade 4  High security,
  • Grade 5 Extra high,


  • Grade 6 Maximum security.

-      Shutters, Bollards, Grilles and Steel doors.

Authorised Access Shutters, Bollards, Grilles and doors are made to measure and designed to suit your specific needs. They can even match your shop branding if you provide a RAL colour swatch.

Key cutting and locks as required.

Who has a key to your property? Have keys been lost and mislaid? Did you choose the cheaper option of lock? Check it out before a thief checks it for you! Stay several steps ahead by having 21st Century security in your home and business premises!

Contact Authorised Access today on 0161 762 9936 or visit their shop in Bury Town Centre: 50b Bolton Street (Rear), Bury, BL9 0LL.


Are you interested in scaling up your home security? Authorized Access’ sister company Safecell Security deals with both domestic and commercial Intruder Alarms, Fire Alarms, CCTV, Access Control and Warden Call systems.


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