AST Hampsons offer a free consultation for people needing specialist family help.
1st February 2021
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AST Hampsons offer a free consultation for people needing specialist family help.

Family matters are not on-hold during the Covid19 crisis, in fact for too many people are feeling the effects of lockdown and the financial impact caused by the pandemic. It has shaken the foundations of their personal relationships including their marriages.

AST Hampsons Solicitors includes top level Specialist Family Lawyers who are ready to help and the free consultation is your first step to understanding your options in respect of divorce and your finances.

Following the Divorce Reform Act 1969 getting a divorce became much easier and more accessible to people who no longer wanted to remain in their marriage. The reasons are many and the pressures imposed by Covid19 have resulted in demands for advice.

Given the growth of instructions from older clients AST Hampsons Specialist Family Lawyers has noticed reasons why some are seeking to divorce later in their lives.

People either newly retired or have been so for some time realise that they have more free time. Particularly, if their children have grown up, flown the nest and have their own children to care for. Nevertheless, the parties are finding that with more time at their disposal they are making less time for each other. In the time that they have raised their children, worked and built their pensions, they have lost the spark that brought them together and drifted apart.

Older people are learning that there is a life beyond being parents and grandparents’ thanks in large part to the Covid19 lockdowns and their learning how useful social media is as a communications hub with family and the wider world. Becoming more independent means that people can still hold a parental role whilst living apart.

Thanks to improvements in medical science and modern technology we are all living longer compared to people 60 or 70 years ago. Plus, people are marrying later in life and due to a shift in attitudes to living apart, and divorce, has become more acceptable.

During the Coronavirus emergency AST Hampsons Solicitors is still providing professional legal advice and services within the lockdown regulations. Anyone wishing to speak with a Specialist Family Lawyer is advised to follow the link below and contact AST Hampsons without delay.

AST Hampsons guarantees a Free initial no obligation consultation, no call centre- just experienced people who are AST staff members, and a comprehensive schedule of costs up front – no hidden charges!

Contact AST Hampsons Solicitors today for expert legal advice!

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