Are your premises squeaky clean and Virus Protected for the return to business? Brighway Cleaning can help!
11th March 2021
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As we look forward to the end of lockdown and Covid19 being controlled there is the planned re-opening of offices and other premises to look forward to. But are your offices ready and safe for staff and visitors to work there?  Anti-viral offices are ‘a must’ going forward and a policy of anti-viral cleanliness makes perfect sense as a Health and Safety issue. Anti-viral means less transmission of any virus or health condition, fewer people off sick, and the reduced potential for further lockdowns!

Brightway Cleaning has long been a specialist cleaning company that we have come to rely on for excellent service, expert cleaning – especially during the Covid19 pandemic, and they have been a highly trusted and award-winning member of The Best of Bury for over 10 years! The company is a family owned and run business employing more than 40 people covering the Bury area and far beyond in providing Domestic and Commercial cleaning services and Housekeeping services.

Anti-viral protection services include:

Thorough testing before and after the service for the report.

Steam cleaning.

Power Air Neutralisation and Air Purification.

Industry Grade Surface Disinfection Fog creation.

Virus Killing Disinfection.

What does Brightway Cleaning specialise in providing?

Commercial Cleaning, regular cleaning of offices of all sizes, multi-story call centres, small single frontage shop premises, industrial units, restaurants, churches, public houses, medical facilities and nurseries etc.

Deep cleaning, for domestic and commercial premises of any kind. Commercial kitchens 6 monthly or annually to comply with Government regulations, and presently to counter Covid19 and any other issues.

Between let cleans and Builders cleans.

Air BNB Holiday let cleans – essential as UK base holidays are on the cards during 2021.

Domestic Cleaning for private homes of any size, weekly or longer, one off or irregular, all equipment  and materials supplied, can be linked to their Housekeeping Service.

Brightway Cleaning is committed to ensuring that all of their clients are ready to re-open when the regulations permit, and they are determined to support their customers so that the lockdown is not repeated. Ineffectual cleaning simply will not do! Employing the Professionals of Brightway Cleaning is the surest way to re-open on day 1 and remain (safely) open long into the future.

Make certain that your offices and other premises are open to stay!

Contact Brightway Cleaning today!



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