Are April showers ruining your belongings?
12th April 2016
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Garages are mostly used for storing your car in a safe and secure place at night, however as we accumulate more and more belongings, they can often become a glorified storage space!

Easier to access than the roof space and often much larger, garages offer a temperature controlled space where you can keep your things safe.

Unfortunately, the British weather can be wild, wet and windy, meaning that our garages can occasionally spring a leak, potentially damaging everything we’ve been storing in there!

Rotting, leaky and worn garage roofs can also reduce the security of our garages, as they can be ripped apart, allowing access to thieves.

If you want to protect your garage from the elements, we’d recommend taking a look at flat, glass reinforced plastic roofs, as supplied by GRP Roofing. These roofs are guaranteed to last 20 years, although most say they will last a lifetime! Due to their durability, thee roofs are completely maintenance free, so you won’t be cleaning moss or lichen away after the winter months.


If you’ve been struggling with leaks in your roof, then you will be glad to hear that GRP roofs are completely waterproof, as they don’t require any joints or seams, through which wind and water can creep. The roofs are also laminated to waterproof them further.

A coat of paint can also be applied to the roof, meaning that you’re not stuck with a colour which doesn’t match the rest of your home. The whole process takes just a day or two, and the team at GRP Roofing will work quickly and efficiently to make sure that the job is done right on time!

If you would like to speak to GRP Roofing to discover more about Glass Reinforced Plastic roofs, contact them using the blue box below!

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