ACR IT Solutions on why cyber security is important when working from home.
8th January 2021
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Fortify your Business Environment. The Cyber Security of your remote worker network during CV19 is essential!


ACR IT Solutions deliver Cyber Security, Support, Teams, and Cloud in Bury and beyond!


Sadly, even in a pandemic there are those who would ‘rip-off’ the unwary and as many of us are lockdown-weary this is a prime time for fraudsters to act.


ACR IT Solutions is one of the UK’s leading infrastructure solution providers led by highly respected and experienced entrepreneurs specialising in creating a range of visualisation systems dedicated to helping their customers rationalise their IT management and gain competitive business advantage.


ACR IT Solutions is a multi-award wining consultancy, including the prestigious VMWare ‘Partner of the Year Europe Title’. The team extends a supportive and protective arm to businesses who want to modernise their IT infrastructure to reduce costs and boost efficiency, maximise productivity and build growth capacity whilst taking cyber security very seriously!


ACR IT is a trusted partner to small, medium and large businesses across a multitude of working environments. As many organisations staff are working from home the strains on cyber security have increased.


Business is tough enough at this time due to lockdown and the damaging effects of the Covid19 crisis with organisations reshaping their operations in order to continue trading. When the country eventually returns to a more normal status with the vaccination initiatives being rolled out there is hope of a return to traditional trading and administration patterns in future, however, no-one knows how quickly this may happen and whether some companies will continue in current mode indefinitely making the need for long term cyber security strategies vital.


At the core of ACR IT Solutions is a commitment to helping organisations achieve more from their computer environment through the delivery of bespoke virtualised infrastructure solutions that don’t cost the earth and do not allow malefactors to infiltrate your hard-earned businesses integrity. A robust, comprehensive cyber security system is of paramount importance when it comes to optimising your network. Security is no longer just a matter of locking-up when leaving for home, you need infrastructure in place to keep out malware and malicious attacks and to monitor your digital environment 24/7 to show where any breaches occur. Surveillance, proactive response and consistent reporting will ensure that your network and your data remains safe.


Call ACR IT Solutions to ensure your Cyber Security today!

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