A Pixelwave Creative Video will boost your business communications graphically!
30th June 2020
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Professionally created video communications can deliver your Covid 19 policy messages, marketing messages, sales briefings, training programmes and general communications especially where remote working and social distancing make attendance at meetings, conferences, or seminars etc impossible.

Video presentations are Covid safe, the value of directly communicating with your target audience through the medium of a well-constructed professionally made video is hard to over value as uninterrupted one can focus on topics incisively without fear of interruption or interference from extraneous sources.

Pixelwave Creative Videos are crafted to each clients specification based upon input from those who know best, the clients themselves, and can include as much data shown in graphic detail, charts and diagrams, colours and explanation as may be required giving every client total confidence in the presentation of his/her product or service.

Covid 19 changes to the way you do business can be used educate your clientele and staff in a friendly and personable way that will make them feel welcome and cared for.

Pixelwave Creative produce top class video communications for sole traders, SME’s and businesses of all types, shapes, and sizes, including:

Car sales businesses, showing makes and models, team personnel, customer reviews, and the precautions employed to keep customers and staff safe,

Restaurants and bars, now starting to re-open but requiring to demonstrate their new methods and safety procedures,

Property and home maintenance and repairs, driveways, decorating, gardening – hard and soft landscapers etc., can all benefit from professionally targeted exposure.

Home visit services including care sector where friendly trustworthy people visit vulnerable people at home.

Videos showing the outstanding work that has been done, the team, and demonstrate the disciplines employed to keep everyone safe are invaluable and with professional guidance from the team at Pixelwave your own small to medium sized business can be portrayed in a 21st Century format. And of course there is social media, the very same video – properly done – can grace your web site and app presentations reaching a vast customer base. As investments go Pixelwave are offering the most cost-effective way to drive business to your door that has previously been only been possible to multi-nationals.

Would you like Pixelwave to boost your business creatively?

Don’t delay, contact Pixelwave Creative today!


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