6 services available from Brightway Cleaning that you wouldn't expect from a cleaning company!
17th August 2015
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Brightway Cleaning is going the extra mile when it comes to its customers by offering a number of extra services that you wouldn't expect from a cleaning company...

Tackling that ironing pile, check; tidying the children's bedroom, check; mopping the kitchen floor, check. There are some jobs you simply expect from a cleaning company, but, not the six below that are available from Brightway Cleaning. This Bury-based company offers housekeeping services and home help; the below services will probably surprise you. 


6. De-gritting

Whether it's a private footpath, driveway or your own car park, a member of Brightway Cleaning provide de-icing and road gritting services which will make the specified location safer to travel on.


5. DIY

Simply ask for a list of services if you're in need of shelves putting up, a spot of painting or other tasks you simply don't want to do yourself!


4. Gardening

Not agile enough to mow your garden or water the plants? That's okay too; Brightway Cleaning are here to help you (and your small outside space).


3. Food shopping

It isn’t just help around the home that’s available, but around the supermarket too! As one of their many housekeeping and care services, Brightway Cleaning can carry out your food shopping!


2. Dog walking

Yep; Brightway Cleaning will take your furry friend around their usual routine.


1. Chat and a cup of tea

In between cleaning work or home help, a member of the team from Brightway Cleaning can make you a good cup of tea because sometimes, you can’t quite beat a good chinwag. This is another form of their housekeeping and home-help services.


"A natural extension..."

We told you that you wouldn’t expect those services didn’t we. Brightway Cleaning are a registered home help provider with Bury Council, which means you can rest assured that they are completely trustworthy and are recognised for the above services. These are now an extension to the company’s cleaning services, which include domestic and commercial work.

Perhaps an elderly relative needs a helping hand or you would like extra help around the house, simply contact Steve for a price.

This local business is so much more than cleaning company. Contact Brightway Cleaning on:

Brightway Cleaning
Rochdale Rd,

0161 956 2578

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