5 obvious signs that professional care is required for your loved one, courtesy of Platinum Care.
27th October 2017
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When it comes to caring for a parent or close family relative we can sometimes miss the obvious things that signify change, or to recognise that that extra support is needed.

We can often dismiss or indeed be reluctant to admit that the time has come for support. Our parents are those we grow up with, and as they grow older, we sometimes forget that they're actually not as independent as they once were, or indeed the age that they are.  

Changes often happen slowly and not all at the same time, so when it comes to realising that there may be issues, it may not be immediately identifiable that this is the time that your loved one needs the extra support and assistance they deserve.

We all lead incredibly busy lives these days and have a whole variety of commitments, so when it comes to care, and it's difficult to take it all on alone, help is at hand. 

Platinum Care highlight 5 obvious signs that may mean support is needed: 

1 - the standards of cleanliness within the home have dropped.  Once on top of things and with nothing out of place, the home may start to fall behind. 

2 - Personal appearance including hygiene.  This could include washing a person’s self as well as their clothes.

3 - Home maintenance - gardening for example.  Once the pride and joy of the home, maybe it's starting to become unkempt.

4 - Weight loss.  Are they eating properly or are there reasons that they are not of which you are unaware?

5 - Reduced socialisation.  Once the life and soul of the party or a regular in town shopping or spending time with friends, socialisation has waned and there is not the same enthusiasm for getting out and about.  

All of the above are perfect examples of things that may just highlight the need for change, and whilst most of us cannot afford to give up work to care full time for our parents or loved ones, it is good to know that Platinum Care can support us.  

A domiciliary care company, Platinum Care have built an exceptional reputation in the borough for the highest quality of care available.  They are incredibly passionate about your loved ones retaining their independence and dignity within their own homes, and work alongside people with varying degrees of mobility and support needs.  

For more information about Platinum Care please call 0161 956 8993

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