£15,000 for tyre fitter with vibration injuries
14th January 2021
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Mr L spent much of his working life working as a commercial tyre fitter until he began to notice numbness and coldness in his hands.

None of his employers over the years had provided him with suitable protective equipment or modified his working pattern to ensure he was not at risk of hand arm vibration injuries.

After accepting his case Aston Knight Solicitors obtained specialist expert evidence from a vascular surgeon who was of the view he had developed carpal tunnel syndrome and Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (previously known as"vibration white finger").

A case was brought against five of his former employers, all of who denied responsibility for his injuries.

After starting Court action against them, and obtaining further specialist evidence from an expert engineer, the defendant each made settlement offers in order to avoid going to trial, resulting in an eventual settlement over £15,000.

Mr L was really pleased with the settlement sum.

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