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The Synergy Dental Clinic Bury is run by caring professionals who believe passionately that good dental care and dental management are essential to our overall good health
When you choose Synergy for your treatment you can rest assured that you are in safe, experienced hands.
Top tips to tackle your dental anxiety with Synergy Dental Clinic.
Veneers can make a huge difference....
For that Hollywood smile, Synergy Dental Clinic can help you achieve it!
Whilst a trip to the dentist is something that many of us fear, a beautiful smile is something that many more of us would love....
For a monthly fee of just £11.99, the Synplan includes a wide range of services and offers!
The benefit of Synergy Dental Clinic’s Synplan are endless....
If you're not happy at your current practise or really struggle with anxiety before you visit, why not speak to the team at Synergy Dental Clinic, Bury and change the way you perceive your dental treatment.
Hair loss can often have a huge effect on a person's self esteem and image perception....
A bright white smile can make a huge difference to a persons confidence and self esteem....
Find out how you can overcome your dental fear with Synergy Dental in Bury!
DENTAL DILEMMAS – Dr Paul Sobocinski from Synergy Dental Clinics helps with advice on dental problems.
Synergy Dental Clinic's Synplan is just £9.99 per month, making it an affordable and popular employee benefit.
thebestofbury would like to say a BIG congratulations to everyone at Synergy Dental Clinic after they scooped the Highly Commended award for Best Team in the North West at The Dentistry Awards 2015.
Last month's Dental Dilemmas by Synergy Dental Clinic answers what you should do following tooth extraction...
Why choose Synergy Dental Clinic, Bury, for your dentistry?
Synergy Dental Clinic's August Dental Dilemmas are all about flossing, answered by Dr Imran Chhadat.
If you’re similar to Wayne Rooney and would like a bit (or a lot) more hair, we know a LOCAL business you can turn to!
Our latest ‘in the know’ blog is introducing Zuber Bagasi, the man behind Synergy Dental Clinic, Bury
It's no surprise to hear that the team at Synergy Dental Clinic have been nominated for not one, but two new awards....
Have the perfect Hollywood smile with the help from Synergy Dental Clinic in Bury.
Award-winning dentist Dr Zuber Bagasi from Synergy Dental Clinic Bury put down his dental equipment and picked up an oar to help raise money for The Wish Upon A Star Foundation.
Dr Zuber Bagasi from Synergy Dental Clinic, Bury, has won Best Dentist of the Year at the Best of Health Awards!
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In October 2016
Michael Jackson said

My dentist is thorough and does excellent work for me on my teeth. All staff are pleasant and give me good customer service.