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Massage For Loved Ones' vision is to make rehabilitative and restorative massage available for everyone. They offer a range of treatments specifically designed for the elderly, those living with disabilities and chronic conditions and cancer patients.

Massage For Loved Ones is no ordinary massage company...

Felicia Kiyani is an experienced physio and massage therapist, when she first opened Massage For Loved Ones it was her passion and vision to improve the lives of people who suffer from chronic back pain. People who suffer with cancer and people living with disabilities through the power of massage.

It is Massage For Loved Ones' aim to help all of their clients feel completely relaxed, meaning the different massages and treatments can work to their full potential - if you would prefer to have a massage in the comfort of your own home, you can! As well as this, the team carry out treatments in nursing homes, hospitals, respite centres and more.

Massage For Loved Ones offer a number of services, all with different benefits.

Massage for Seniors

These massages for elderly people aim to improve arthritis and even partial relief from Parkinson's disease, relief from stress and anxiety, faster recovery from injury and illness and even improve the quality of sleep!

Relaxation Massage

Massage For Loved Ones also offer massages you would expect in a spa and you can receive them individually or even as a group!

Massage for Injuries

If you have suffered an injury, a massage can vastly improve different muscles that may have been effected from the trauma. The benefits from the treatments are endless...from the lowering of blood pressure to increasing your joint mobility, massages can instantly relieve strain.

Complementary therapy for cancer patients

Not only does Massage For Loved Ones offer a huge range of massage therapies, they also offer a complementary massage for cancer patients. The team understand that it can be a very difficult time for patients and their families so want to help relieve some of the side effects...a massage can reduce anxiety, improve appetite post-chemotherapy and can even help the immune system function.

It's clear that the team at Massage For Loved Ones go above and beyond for their clients with their professional, friendly and compassionate approach. If you are interested in finding out more, feel free to get in touch!

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