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Words can not describe how happy I am now being able to say I have passed my driving test,it might have took me the second time around but everyone is different mine was nerves.I will say one thing is please stick to it and tell your self you have got this .graham is the most patient driving instructor I have ever met he's down to earth and I'm telling you he will get you to your goal and where u want to be test ready everyone has there own way of learning and graham can adapt to your needs on how I have fully enjoyed my journey and now I can be a proud mum that can now take my kids where they need to go and it's all thanks to you graham at get driving today its been a pleasure xxxx
Fri, 26/11/21 was the day I finally passed my Practical Driving Test. I have been trying to achieve this "dream' of mine, on and off for 8 years, with 5 previous driving instructors with no success whatsoever.
Now looking back none of them were in the same league as Graham who I would describe as a "World Class" Driving Instructor.
Graham caters his learning and tuition to suit the needs and style of the learner which is how coaching should be.
The day of the test is where Graham's knowledge and experience makes a huge difference between passing and failing. He does this by pointing out all of the potential stumbling blocks around Bolton Test Centre.
Graham is the most patient driving instructor that I have ever had. I wouldn't have got over the 'finishing line' without him.
For me passing my driving test is like winning a World title in Snooker. (I am a massive Snooker fan, if you hadn't guessed.) Haha
I am very grateful for everything that Graham has done to help me achieve my dream. It will open up so many doors and opportunities for me, going forward.
I would 100% recommend Graham as the go to man when it comes to learning to drive and passing your test. The whole experience has been amazing!
I would like to “highly recommend” Graham from Get Driving Today.
I want to share with you my son Philip’s story, Philip is 27 years old and has an
Autistic Spectrum Disorder and had been trying to learn to drive on and off since August 2013.
He had worked his way through 5 different Driving Instructors, failed his
Practical Driving Test twice and even made a costly, unfortunate mistake when booking his test. On one occasion, he inadvertently booked a test at Bury St. Edmunds instead of Bury, Lancashire!
I had been unwell suffering from anxiety and depression for quite a few years and wasn’t able to support Philip in his quest to learn to drive.
In July 2021, having now fully recovered and in a position to support Philip in
“fulfilling his dream” of passing his driving test I set about trying to find the “perfect” Driving Instructor for Philip, someone who could understand Philip’s
Autistic Spectrum Disorder (although Philip is very high functioning)
Someone who has compassion, patience and a willingness to adapt driving lessons to suit Philip’s style of learning.
I had to find the “needle in a haystack”, what a challenge!
I contacted The Association of Disability Driving Instructors and a very helpful gentleman listened to me talk about Philip and said “Graham Evans is the man you need”.
I contacted Graham straight away and although his diary was already full with current learners he immediately said without any hesitation that he wanted to take Philip on.
He came out to meet Philip & I and listened carefully to all that we had to say about Philip’s needs. He very quickly got the measure of Philip’s current driving skills and lessons began immediately.
Yesterday, 26th November 2021, I am delighted to say that Philip passed his Driving Test. It was a very emotional day, Philip, Graham and all our family are “over the moon” that Philip has finally achieved his ambition.
Over the years Philip has shown great perseverance, hard work, determination and an attitude of “never give up” but this wasn’t enough, it took Graham Evans to get Philip over the finishing line and we are all indebted to him for this.
Graham is a very kind, patient and lovely man. He is very much on the side of those who have the odds stacked against them. He is a brilliant Driving Instructor and I have no hesitation in recommending Graham to one and all!
Graham from Get Driving Today taught my daughter and despite the various breaks enforced by Covid lockdowns gave her the skill and confidence to pass her driving test on her 1st attempt. He is that good i have already booked him to start teaching my son from Jan 2022. I recommend that you book early because he is always in demand.
Thank you so much to Graham and Get Driving Today! I 100% wouldn’t have been able to do it with anyone else as proven by spending 4 years with other instructors that made me very uncomfortable and nervous, whereas Graham is very patient and helped me overcome a lot of my anxiety with certain aspects of driving. I am very grateful for all the help I received.
I could not be any more happier right now!!! 6 years (lots of gaps in lessons and covid)
3 different instructors and 4 tests later! I’ve finally done it. So glad I got recommended to Graham as I would have probably given up on learning to drive by now.
I passed my test with Graham on the 4th of November and I honestly can’t recommend him enough! He went out of his way to do a 9am test and thankfully it was all worth it! Thank you for being so patient and helpful! He made me feel very comfortable on the roads which has lead me to be a newly passed confident driver. A big thanks to Lisa and Ian too for helping me find a test throughout this busy time! Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!
After passing my driving test a number of years ago with Graham I didn't want anyone else to help my daughter in her learning to drive journey. Graham is such a character, Caitlin clicked with him straight away saying "nothing seems silly and I don't feel daft if I do something wrong" this for me is a huge thing. Graham made her feel at ease. As a parent Graham always kept me updated with Caitlins progress throughout and it was no problem in answering all my regular questions. I do and will continue to recommend Graham as I honestly believe he is the best in the industry and money very well spent.
I just passed my driving test first time today with Graham! Before I started I had been with another instructor that made me very anxious to take up driving again. After being recommended by a friend with similar anxiety issues, I started lessons with Graham. From day 1 he made me feel comfortable and confident behind the wheel. We took everything at my own pace but he always encouraged me of my capabilities and allowed me to progress even through what were to me terrifying topics in driving. I can honestly say I would not of been able to do this with any other instructor, I owe my success and new driving life to Graham. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!! P.S off to buy my new car
I will start with the team as a whole at GDT on the phones they have wonderful staff who always help you when booking or changing slots around to suit your needs. Then there is Graham, simply a wonderful, professional driving instructor who helped me prepare to take my test, having previously driven abroad, he had some bad habits to kick me out of. He explains everything clearly during your lessons and is gifted with a calm and encouraging manner, friendly, thorough, knowledgeable, encouraging and professional. With a bit of humour sprinkled in 😊 I Can not recommend Graham enough, perfect for beginners/nervous drivers and people like me who have picked up some nasty know it all habits! Anyone taught to drive by Graham is incredibly lucky! Thank you again Graham...
Graham is a superstar, so patient and understanding. My lesson with him were a pleasure and I cannot recommend him enough! Passed first time. His instruction was clear and easy to understand and he breakdown steps to improve my driving were invaluable. If you’re not sure which instructor to use, use Graham!
Graham is an amazing instructor, makes you feel at ease when you’re driving and teaches you everything in a step by step notion which helps you to retain information quicker and makes driving a lot easier. I’m glad I chose GetDriving on my journey to pass my test!!
Thank you graham for making me a proud mum
Helping my son get safely on the road , giving him independence. Your patience has been greatly appreciated and I look forward to working with you again soon with son number 2.
Nazia Haque
Supporting local businesses xx
Absolutely fantastic to have lessons with Graham. He really helped me get over my anxiety and get the confidence to be able to pass 1st time!

Would highly recommend to anyone wanting to take that leap and pass their test. Thanks again Graham and everyone at Get Driving Today!!!
Was a pleasure to have my driving lessons with Graham. Very friendly and makes driving easy to understand. I was an anxious driver but he gave me the confidence to believe in myself and just passed my test first time!! Would highly recommend to anyone who has always wanted to drive but feels like nerves will get the better of them. Thanks again Get Driving Today!!
Definitely 5star! Huge thank you to Graham to teaching me how to control my anxiety when I am driving! I passed for the first time! Thank you
Can’t thank Graham enough for all of his patience and guidance is getting me through passing my driving test first time. I would not hesitate to recommend him and Get Driving Today to anyone. In fact he is currently teaching both my children to drive. 😉 thanks Graham you’re a star
I was very late getting my driving sorted (I'm 38), and as a consequence, was extremely nervous driving and terrified of the practical test. I had attempted the practical test several times before in Bury, and then found Graham's website. Graham helped me relax and focus, where I made mistakes he would explain them to me in an extremely friendly way that put me at ease and allowed me to improve. We even did mock tests where he replayed dashcam footage to show me bits where I had gone wong.
For the actual practical test, we went through everything that made me nervous beforehand and arrived a little bit early; again destressing. I just passed my practical test with 3 minor faults. A big thank you to Graham, I would thoroughly recommend him as a driving instructor.
I can honestly say I wouldn't be able to drive but for Graham and all the Get Driving Today team. It’s very cliche but I honestly believe without his patience and him not allowing me to give up on myself I would of quit learning to drive long ago but he helped me all the way and even managed to help a friend of mine who I introduced to him pass too.
Couldn’t recommend enough.
I passed my test first time today with Graham!! I absolutely loved learning to drive each and every week getting better and better!!! At the start i was nervous and never thought i’d get the hang of it. Graham ensured me i’d get better and with his confidence i did!! I honestly couldn’t recommend him more. Thankyou
One of the most nicest and down to earth gents iv ever met graham taught me many traits that helped me pass. He built up my confidence and showed me that I am a good driver. I would highly recommend him brilliant instructor
Thank you Graham, you have made my daughter soooo happy :)
She said that you were amazing!! You were very patient and made her feel really comfortable and relaxed.
We would both highly recommend you and your services. Thank you :)
Absolutely brilliant!!! I used to hate driving but after joining Get Driving Today with Graham I love driving and feel so much more confident.
Graham didn’t just help me pass first time, he helped me build my confidence and believe in myself. I struggled to distinguish between my left and right and he helped me learn them until I didn’t need him to point in the right direction. He never once got frustrated with me or raised his voice and he would make a joke about how cautious I was with the clutch until I realised that I can do it. I was so nervous about driving and if it wasn’t for Graham I wouldn’t be a confident driver I am today. Thank you for everything!
I have passed my test today thanks to Graham he is very calm and relaxed instructor who helped me learn to drive and helped more by helping me not overthink and criticize myself for every mistake he believed in me even when I didn't thanks for everything
Graham's patience, support and humour all contributed to me becoming a confident driver and having a blast along the way! I couldn't recommend him enough as his understanding and motivating approach made me believe in myself and ultimately led to me passing both my theory and practical test first time! He was great at putting my mind at ease and was amazing at talking me through any tasks that I felt nervous about, which really helped me to practice and improve. I seriously can't thank him enough, he's the best!!!
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