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I met annabelles father at the bury expo last year . As I had never come across EDS I was intrigued to find out more information. After an informative and heartfelt explanation of the challenges annabelle has to face and the amazing work the charity does I was lost for words . Annabelle is a very lucky girl to have such supportive and wonderful parents. Excellent charity and effort for raising awareness of EDS .
Annabelle is a lovely little lady helping her Mum & Dad raise awareness for this rare condition. Hoping the hardwork goes someway to raising the profile of this rare condition and help find a cure
Annabelle's challenge is such a worthy winner.. Princess AJ is a beautiful brave little girl raising awareness to help other people with eads.. Amazing family.
Annabelles challenge is a charity close to my heart, it is run by the family of a very brave and inspiring little girl who needs your support! Get involved and help make a difference for this special little lady and all others suffering EDS. Thankyou :)
Lovely family Annabelle's Challenge is such a worthy cause, they get my support all the way, such a brave, lively little princess with all the hopes and dreams of any little girl of her age, unphased by this rare life threatening condition.
It is a fantastic thing that the family of Annabelle are making a big difference by raising awareness of EDS.
Annabelle's challenge is an incredible charity raising awareness for EDS. With little people knowing about EDS their efforts are amazing and Annabelle's family, friends and the princess herself deserve recognition for their amazing work! X
To do the work with raising awareness on eds especially vascular eds is amazing and this family is truly amazing with all there hard work and kindness x
Fantastic job of raising awareness of eds and such a great little character too !! Totally deserving.
Its a worthy cause for such an inspirational little girl, she deserves it!!
So much hard work goes into awareness with this amazed charity, The Griffins are definitely on a mission to put EDS and Annabelle's challenge in the spot light.
Great to see more on this rare condition, apart from my daughter Casey (who has a completely different type of EDS) Annabelle is the only person I have ever met with this condition. Well done Annabelle xxx
Lovely family, always smiling despite the day to day challenges they face. Raising awareness for everyone not just themselves
Fantastic charity, Annabelle's Challenge is a worthy cause, they get my vote.
Great people, great cause - that's why I recommend Annabelle's Challenge to win.
Annabelle's Challenge is a great charity worthy of our support. Fantastic 5 stars.
Annabelle's Challenge is a great charity for such a worthy cause, Fantastic.
Annabelle's Challenge is a great charity, I most definitely give them 5 stars for their work.
Annabelle's Challenge is a great local charity, they get my vote - fantastic.
I vote for Annabelle's Challenge , its a great charity and a very worthy cause.
Annabelle's Challenge is a good local charity and a really worthwhile cause.
Annabelle's Challenge is a good cause, its such a great charity. 5 stars from me.
Annabelle's Challenge is such a good cause - This charity gets my vote, 5 stars
I give the charity Annabelle's Challenge 5 stars they are excellent and local.
Annabelle's Challenge is such a great local cause - good luck in the local and loved awards.
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Annabelle's Challenge is hosting the first ever family retreat!

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Local & Loved 2014 - Highly Commended in Town