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Ability Case Management are located close to Bury Town Centre and they assist individuals by coordinating person-centred rehabilitation and support when they have suffered from Acquired Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury and/or Orthopaedic Injury.

Ability Case Management pride themselves in their work, they are a team of expert professionals who offer support and rehabilitation to individuals following an injury.


The support they offer isn't just for their healing and rehabilitation but also to help to facilitate the individuals to live to their full potential! 

Ability Case Management provide their clients with a bespoke service tailored to their needs. They can help their clients with the following services. 

Health & Wellbeing

They will assess each individual's health and well being post injury to help restore them to a status as close as possible to what they had held pre-injury. In order to do this they will look at the following for each individual. 

  • Medical
  • Physical
  • Sensory
  • Cognitive
  • Emotional & Social Behaviour
  • Psychiatric


Ability Case Management facilitate a goal-oriented rehabilitation programme with their network approved service providers.

They will take full responsibility for coordinating and managing the rehabilitation team. They will monitor the programme at every stage and make adjustments in response to the changing needs and wishes of the client involved. 

If specialist residential services are needed for their client, Ability Case Management will act as an advocate for their client to ensure all care and services remain focused and appropriate. 


Equipment and Transport

Ability Case Management understand the importance of having the correct equipment in place for their clients to ensure that their client has the best quality of life, remains independent and to ensure that their safety is a priority. 

They are also able to provide assessments of vehicles, wheelchairs and other aids needed by the individual. 

Daily Living Activities

Ability Case Management will perform an assessment of how the clients health and well being could be impacted by their functional ability to perform daily tasks, post injury. 

They will look at the following areas with the client and their family members to identify, plan and implement a course of intervention that will work towards developing independence, safety and quality of life. 

  • Personal Care Tasks (Washing, dressing, toileting etc.)
  • Domestic Tasks (Shopping, cooking, cleaning etc.)
  • Productivity Tasks (Relationships, employment, education etc.)
  • Community Tasks (Driving, transport etc.)
  • Leisure Tasks (Holidays, social activities etc.


Ability Case Management understand that having the correct accommodation in place can make a world of difference in terms of an individual’s independence, quality of life and safety.

They can assess and signpost individuals to network adaptations and/or environmental controls to existing/future accommodation.

Ongoing Care and Support

After assessment it will sometimes become clear that an individual may require direct care and support to help them maintain a fulfilling life in the community.

Support for the individual is networked by Ability Case Management's network of approved providers but they will oversee the support to ensure it is the least restrictive basis for the client.

They are able to provide the following services for management of support staff:

  • Selection and recruitment
  • Pre-employment checks and induction
  • Supervision, training and appraisal
  • Completion of support worker documentation

Finances and Funding

 Ability Case Management will undertake assessments and signposting to assist their client with funding for the support and rehabilitation that they may need. They will also be happy to help any of their client's with welfare benefit application process and paperwork. 

Training and Education. 

Ability Case Management are committed and proud of the fact that they are able to providing training and development opportunities to enable good quality and competent support staff for their clients. The training that they provide is delivered in person from a dedicated and accredited training coordinator

Why choose Ability Case Management? 

  • Ability Case Management have extremely experienced and skilled case management team who are from multidisciplinary backgrounds. 
  • They offer all their clients a no obligation introduction meeting, where the client is allowed to choose who they would like to instruct as their case manager. 
  • They will complete a comprehensive Immediate Needs Assessment (INA). Ability Case Management will collate this information into a report including costs and this will be submitted within 3 weeks of the initial enquiry. 
  • Ability Case Management will only instruct providers from their approved list of vetted providers. 
  • They are CQC regulated for personal care, this gives their clients the choice to directly recruit care and support packages. 
  • Ability Case Management are passionate about providing person-centred service for all their clients and actively seek feedback to help maintain their high standards 


If you would like to learn more or require the services of Ability Case Management, you can give them a call on 0161 763 8710 or contact them by using the links at the top of this page. 

Ability Case Management 

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