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Come and join the Hove Business Association and have a voice in how we can improve the economy of the Hove and Portslade area.


Hove Business Association


Working to make business in Hove & Portslade better 

Hove Business Association is a membership organisation specifically working to support the needs of every business in Hove and Portslade.

Hove Business Association is committed to developing the economic prosperity of the area.

Since its inception in 1929, it’s expanded to represent a broad spectrum of businesses and is once again the fastest growing organisation of its type in the city.

Helped by one of the highest levels of business start-ups in the country, the aim is to continue to attract new investment to help sustain further growth in the future.

Some of the HBA Membership benefits:

 Hove Business Association membership

Join now… and enjoy all the benefits of the area’s best value business assocation, including:

  • The Business Breakfast: inspiring speakers, valuable networking, great breakfast.
  • Evening seminars: at times light-hearted, at times educational, always worthwhile.
  • FREE listing on hovebiz.com.
  • FREE promotion of your offers on hovebiz and our 1000 plus recipient newsletter.
  • FREE health-checks in accountancy, employment law, commercial property and marketing.


The Management Team

 A dedicated management team meets regularly to ensure that the business community has a strong voice.

Working in collaboration with the Hove Business Partnership the committee is able to lobby the relevant authorities and agencies to ensure that members concerns are addressed.

Managment team member profiles here.

The Association is financially and politically independent, its main source of funding is through members subscriptions, it is therefore dedicated exclusively to serving its members interests.


Do you have a business in Hove & Portslade?

Join your local Business Association today.

Annual membership from only £40.00

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