City in Bloom Gardening Competition
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Brighton and Hove City in Bloom is celebrating HM The Queen's Diamond Jubilee with Flowers for the Queen as the theme for this year's gardening competitions. Take part in the various gardening competitions and enter as an individual or a community.


City in Bloom 2012

Flowers for The Queen


This year City in Bloom in Brighton and Hove is celebrating HM The Queen's Diamond Jubilee.


You are welcome to take part in our City In Bloom Gardening Competitions and enter as an individual or a community. It's a great way to meet people, be part of your local community and have lots of fun in the process of creating something beautiful, whilst helping to make our city a nicer place to live, visit and work in and a welcoming place for visitors.


The closing date for competition entry is now Tuesday the 3rd of July.


All judging for 2012 is taking place from 1 to 29 July 2012.


City In Bloom Competitions:

  • Best Front Garden - Sponsored by Brighton Marina
  • Best Basement Garden- Sponsored by Donatello
  • Best Window Box - Sponsored by Regency Lansdowne Guest House
  • Best Hanging Basket - Sponsored by Quince Flowers, Nile Street
  • Best Street - Most Attractive Urban Area - Sponsored by Brighton Marina
  • Best Community Garden - Sponsored by Harvest- Brighton & Hove Food Partnership
  • Best Wildlife Garden - Sponsored by The Royal Society of Arts
  • Best Commercial Frontage - Sponsored by VisitBrighton. Please email for entry details
  • City In Bloom Allotment Competitions - Sponsored by Meaker Fencing , Mayberry Garden Centre & Brighton & Hove Allotment Federation.



Be Water Wise - Watering your Garden:


Do you use a water butt to collect your recycled water? Gardens love rainwater, which can easily be collected in a water butt. Always water either first thing in the morning or in the cool of the evening, so that less water is lost through evaporation and plants get a longer drink. Don't forget to use your watering can and not your hosepipe!



For Further Information and How to Enter:


All entries must be sent to City in Bloom by Tuesday 3rd of July.


Click here to enter the City in Bloom competition

You can also make contact by telephone (01273) 292929 or e-mail



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This year's City in Bloom Flowers for the Queen Artwork was created by Lily Biswell