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Brighton Pride 2018 takes to the streets on .Our key objective is to develop an environment in favour of LGBT equality by providing information, advice and support.

Pride... History

The history of Pride in Brighton & Hove stretches back as far as 1992 when a very modest afternoon event on The Level. Since then it has evolved into the biggest free Pride festival in the UK and in September 2004 was awarded charitable status. Pride in Brighton & Hove runs a number of exciting events to help fund the organisation, the festival and the support for the local LGBT voluntary sector as well as bringing a wide range of people together who otherwise might not have such social access.


Pride Brighton & Hove 2017 -A Background to the current Organisation

Pride Brighton & Hove (Pride) has been formed as a community interest company (CIC) with an asset lock to use any profits generated to benefit the LGBT community within Brighton & Hove.

This company is operating as a not for profit commercial enterprise and this aspect is very important for all stakeholders within the city.

This type of company is the closest that the organisation can be to a charity whilst operating under the financial rigor of a business that fulfills its commercial obligations. The community and charitable credentials of the organisation are strengthened by a commitment to ring fence a proportion of ticket income from the planned park event to go directly to charity. As such, we would like to be recognised as the guardian of the event for the LGBT community and the city as a whole.

Pride draws on the experience and expertise of a number of respected businesses, individuals and community groups operating within Brighton and Hove. The leads within the organisation have proven track records in their field and have all had involvement in the running of previous Pride events. Stagfleet, the owners of Club Revenge, with James Ledward of GScene and Paul Kemp of Aeon Events are founders of the community interest company. Stagfleet Ltd is the owner of Club Revenge and will be underwriting the whole event.

£1 of the price of every ticket sold will be ring fenced and donated directly to the Rainbow Fund to distribute through their grants programme to local LGBT/HIV organisations and charities who provide front line services to the LGBT community in Brighton and Hove.

Club Revenge, along with Aeon Events promoters of the Wild Fruit brand and Wilde Ones International (park production 2000 - 2009) have all been involved with Pride within the city and have significant years of experience of operating at the Preston Park Event. In addition the contractor for the running of the parade in 2010 and 2011 has been retained by the new community interest company.

Charitable giving on behalf of Pride will be coordinated through the Rainbow Fund, part of the Sussex Community Foundation (registered charity number 1113226).

The parade will be organised as in previous years by Trevor Edwards a director of the new company. Trevor will work with local voluntary sector and LGBT and HIV organizations and

LGBT businesses through a monthly forum, where concepts and ideas will be developed and delivered.

It is imperative that the event is self-financing. The instability of the previous organiser had an effect on local LGBT charities, community, businesses and City wide income. The business model we are using will ensure the security of the event whilst guaranteeing income for the community sector.

Pride Brighton & Hove aims re-instate business confidence in the event. Businesses can be confident that donations will be going to LGBT charities and voluntary organisations. We are confident that the we will re-ignite businesses' enthusiasm participate in Pride and we will be able to generate a greater surplus for distribution to charity.

The Pride Parade: Saturday 4th August

The parade will start in the usual manner from the seafront (Madeira Drive) through the city via the clock tower and North Street, on through the Steine andis

used as both a showcase of LGBT awareness, tolerance and diversity within the city and for the individual groups participating. It also affords the opportunity to allow for cha London Road to a finish adjacent to Preston Park. The parade route, structure and times will be based on the model successfully operated in 2010 and 2011. The parade ritable donations from members of the public.

The Park Event: Saturday 4th August

The park event allows the LGBT community within the city and their wider friends to continue the celebration of diversity within a safe and controlled party atmosphere. Whilst it acts as a space for people to come together and party it also acts as an important showcase for the voluntary sector, performers and the city as a whole.

The Community Village will continue to be an intrinsic area at the park, with free stalls

being provided to local LGBT groups and charities and subsidised stalls to non-local groups.

Overriding Principles

To return a minimum of £30,000 to charity as a result of our activities.

Social Interaction