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Brighton Paper Round is a total waste management company, serving customers in Brighton, Hove and Sussex. We can offer your business a complete waste management solution which is flexible, reliable and ethical. For recycling and waste collections which are hassle-free and suited to your needs, contact us today.

Brighton Paper round

Established ethical waste management firm serving Brighton, Hove and Sussex


Brighton Paper Round offer a high-quality commercial recycling and waste collection service which is reliable, friendly and environmental to businesses and organisations across a variety of sectors including:

  • Offices
  • Shops & Retail Units
  • Hospitality Venues
  • Cafés & Restaurants
  • Education Facilities & Public Sector

We have our own sorting facility in Lancing, so you can be confident that you’re working with a company that knows the area, and that when you work with us, you’ll be supporting the local economy too.

Brighton Paper Round is part of BPR Group. BPR reduces the environmental impact of the waste our clients produce, the energy they consume and the stationery they buy.  

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Monday to Friday: 9am to 5pm

Call one of our team today to discuss your requirements:

Call: 01273 685 628


Paper Recycling


Most office waste is paper - and waste paper can be recycled into brand new paper. We take it to our Materials Recycling Facility where it’s sorted and then transported to a paper mill in France.

There it’s transformed back into recycled office paper which, satisfyingly, you can buy from us to use again. This is called being a closed-loop recycler.

We can pick up your waste paper in a variety of ways including from your office, or kerbside collection outside.


Cardboard recycling


The problem with cardboard is that it’s just so bulky, which means it can take up a lot of space. This can create a real difficulty if you receive a lot of packaged goods.

Brighton Paper Round can solve the problem by collecting it from you and taking it back to our yard to be baled. We then deliver it to mills in the North of England where it’s recycled back into packaging materials.

Our collection methods include bundles being collected in tough cubic meter sacks which are especially popular in the retail sector.


Glass recycling


Most organisations have some sort of glass in their waste and it’s best for the environment if we separate glass and treat it separately from everything else.

We take it to our yard for bulking and then whip it off to a facility in Dagenham where it’s crushed and then used to manufacture new glass bottle.

We can collect glass of all colours, and collect as often as needed - every day if you’d like us to.


Food recycling


Whatever your business, you’ll probably collect food waste. We can offer you a variety of food waste bins, and we have an exchange and bin-wash service so your bins are always fresh

Food waste is taken to Biogen’s facility, where it is anaerobically digested, turning it into biogas and liquid fertiliser. The biogas supplies renewable electricity while biofertiliser is spread on to farmland to grow more food.


Mixed recycling


If you want to keep your recycling area to a minimum, this can work for you. You put all dry recycling into a single sack so paper, plastic, cans and cardboard can all be thrown in together.

We’ll collect it from inside or outside your workplace before taking it to our Materials Recycling Facility. Here it is sorted and baled and then sent off for processing.


Security Shredding


If you have confidential papers to shred, or sensitive data to destroy, we can help. As part of BSIA

(The British Security Industry Association) and NAID (the National Association for Information Destruction) you can be completely assured of our processes. We have a range of collection options to suit each workplace including security-tagged sacks, archive box clearances and specially designed lockable wheeled bins. We also offer data disposal for all forms of confidential information including DVDs and hard drives.

The confidential paper we collect is shredded at our own high-tech shredding facility, and the fine-shred that is produced is recycled into paper that can be purchased back for your businesses through our stationery service.


General Waste


If you prefer the simplest approach possible, we can provide you with one bin or sack for all your dry mixed recycling. This offers you a straightforward service that works particularly well if you’re short on space.


Stationery and Office Supplies


Brighton Paper Round offers an efficient next day delivery service across a full range of stationery and office supplies. We focus on environmental products which will help your business improve its sustainability performance.

As well as paper, we supply branded remanufactured toner cartridges with a 3-year guarantee, providing substantial financial and environmental savings. Our central depot picks, packs and delivers all your order directly to you, hugely reducing transport emissions.

Best of all, if you’re a closed loop supplier, the new paper we deliver will be the same paper that we collected from you to recycle just six weeks earlier.

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