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I asked an Independent Financial Advisor - how does one choose an IFA?

There is saying you use a diamond to cut another diamond. So I asked an IFA how to choose a good IFA who can make a serious difference to our wealth.

Londoner in the UK takes a London Sightseeing Tour

I am an ordinary Londoner and wanted to feel what it was like to be “a Londoner who walked like a tourist in London”. I approached Golden Tours and asked if they could help me out.

Business Marketing - Where Are You Looking for your Customers?

However there are so many businesses that fail to take advantage of the opportunity to market their products and ...

What kind of Businesses Should Ignore Social Media by Kesh Morjaria

Businesses that have understood this fact are not only embracing Social Media Tools, but they are also constantly developing innovative ways to communicate even faster

How to know what people are talking about your Business?

To anyone following the Huge growth of Social Media over the last few years, the news of Pontins, going into administration may not come as a surprise.

Kesh Morjaria Blog - Does What Others Say Really Matter?

So how important is it for us, as consumers, and for companies today to find out what people are talking about them, especially on Facebook and Twitter.

My experience with Ebay and Amazon – and the Question of Price & Trust

Some Business People never seem to understant why do people happily pay more.

5th Nov 2010 - Fire Services Set to Strike on the day of Guy Fawkes & Diwali Fireworks celebration

Police, fire and ambulance services around the country should be bracing themselves for a busy night tomorrow as people celebrate Guy Fawkes.

Kesh Morjaria on the Decline of the UK High Street Shops - Who may be  responsible?

One may be too hasty to blame National Chains, Supermarkets, out of town Shopping centres however I have seen some (not many) while interviewing businesses in the high streets of NW London ....

2010 - London Diwali Celebrations and Fireworks in Borough of Brent

Every year, Hindus all over the world, celebrate the return of Bhagawan Ram (light & wisdom) after defeating the Demon King Ravana (darkness & ignorance)

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