Too young for critical illness cover?
11th June 2010
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Too young for critical illness?


AXA have recently said that the average age at which people claim for a critical illness is 43 for a man and 40 for a woman - generally a time when expenses are high, children are still at home and the mortgage is still outstanding.



Nearly 2/3rd's of the population have no form of financial protection if they die or become critically ill. Due to advances in technology and and medicine, people are living longer and surviving illnesses that used to be fatal. A serious illness can take years to recover and without a source of income family savings can quickly evaporate on essentials.  Than there is medical costs and unexpected costs.....The last think you want to worry about when you sick is money. 

Cover cannot be purchased for pre-existing conditions and the younger and healthier you are, the cheaper the premiums will be.


To think you will be one of the lucky few is illogical - nearly 2/3rd's have no form of protection yet one in three of us will be diagnosed with cancer.


It is important to understand the critical illness contract when buying cover as you will need a provider that matches your needs.


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