Local Portrait Photographer: Guerilla Portraits for Charity
10th August 2010
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I spent a few hours last week with my good friends, Karen & Gunther from MyCoffeeStop (the best little coffee shop in Enfield!) running what I called a "Guerilla Portrait" session for their customers.

I say "Guerilla" as we caught customers as they arrived for their morning refreshments and spent only a few moments with each of them taking some inpromptu portraits.

I arrived at 6:00 a.m. and set up my lights & camera and spent a few hours photographing anyone who was up for it. Each of my subjects made a donation to the Chicken Shed Theatre group as a "sitting fee" and their photographs have been placed on my website from where they may purchase prints or files for their social media profiles. All profits from this will also be donated to Chicken Shed.

A few of my favourite images can be viewed below:



and this video shows some more:



We all had a lot of fun, overcoming the difficulties of taking photographs and serving coffee, all against the clock (the trains were running to time unfortunately!) in a very small space. We'll look to do something similar again soon.


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