I'm a team player as long as I'm the Captain!
6th May 2010
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Most people in business want to be team players and motivate their staff to be team players within the organisation. However, people in authority tend to be alpha dominant people who like to be in control of every situation and of every action. They themselves do not take their own advice and want to be the captain of their team.

Chief Executives, Managing Directors and entrepreneurs especially are of this nature. This is because they like to work under pressure, deal with the unknowns, lead from the front and be the commanders of their own destiny. They usually aren't the ones who like to take orders from others, but very quick at giving orders and advice to other people.

This sometimes stifles teams to perform as the team members can feel sidelined, de-valued and feel reluctant to play as a team member. This then leads to a lack of output, a lack of creative input from the team and a lack of innovation. It is a fact that without employee input and increased creativity and innovation, you will struggle to survive and lead the field in your industry.

When this happens, the alpha dominant 'leader' takes evasive action and tries to kick the team player(s) that is (are) not performing. This then leads to even more demoralisation and lack of motivation, commitment and output from that player and from the rest of the team. Hence, you can see that this can lead to a vicious circle of nothing getting done in an efficient and timely manner. You may have experienced this in your career.

So what should one do in this situation?

The answer is simple you might say? Just get the self-volunteering captain out of the equation and let the team continue by themselves. However, this is not usually easy as it may be you, the one who is reading this article who is that Captain! Will you fire yourself? Will you side-line yourself and sacrifice yourself for the good of the team? Will you get rid of the Captain of the team and replace them with someone else who is more respected, possibly more talented and gifted to lead the team than the one stifling the rest of the group?

If you can't, then this is where I can help. I firstly help to formulate the right team with the right Captain or Captains, as it may be more than one person, so that you do not have this problem. I do this by understanding the psyche of the individual and look at other traits and characteristics as well as their talents and communication levels.

Secondly, I help to utilise the trouble-making captains (if you've already picked your team) by getting them to do what they are most good at. Hence, you do not necessarily need to fire them if they are good at other jobs. This saves you money and hassle of firing and re-employing someone else who you cannot be sure will add value. This saves you redundancy and litigation costs as well as recruitment and training costs and also saves on lost down-time.

Thirdly, I make sure that each player within that team plays a full role in adding value to the group and to the organisation as a whole so that each project goes ahead smoothly, efficiently and cost effectively every time.

Hence, you save money, time and hassle knowing that your teams a re autonomous and can work perfectly even if there is one or two people missing from the group half-way through the project for whatever circumstance.

For a cost effective solution that saves you time, money and energy, call me now on 0871 237 67 67 or email me at info@arivu.co.uk for information on how I can help you.

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