How to talk to prospective clients: Assert yourself- don’t push!
22nd January 2011
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Too much assertiveness will inevitably push you down in your prospect’s rankings and the way to get people to buy from you is to get them to like you, so if you don’t want sales then this is the right way to go about it!

Whatever their needs or concerns, the importance is to listen first. Patiently state your experience or those of others or facts that support your statements in a matter of fact way.

Listen for their thoughts- you can tell their reaction to what you are saying simply through effective observation- wait until they finish their thought before continuing.

There are no prizes for being right! A great saying is that you can be right or you can be rich!

No one likes to feel convinced, so it is important to let prospects feel like they have come to their own conclusion and resist preaching to prospects at all costs!

Use together phrases such as “I don’t know let’s figure it out, they put a man on a moon so I’m sure we can work this out”. Use third party as an examples and always be objective and concerned about them.

Compliments to Tim Sales, leading network marketing expert and multi millionaire.

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