Brent Labour Candidate joins business support Group
26th April 2010
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Barry Gardiner told a group of businesses in Wembley that he has supported thousands of companies during his 13 years in Politics. He proudly announced how he is in contact with 43,000 Brent enterprises and that during his political career has been responsible for helping to wipe off their burden of thousands of pounds worth of legislation costs. Barry told the group that he also had a business himself and has been quoted as saying

“I know what it feels like to fill out my monthly VAT return and to have the staff’s salaries depend on my performance.”

For this reason he was invited along to meet some of the most active business owners in the borough. Stadium Chapter of BNI in Wembley meets every Wednesday at the crack of dawn; 6.45am for a 7am start. We’re told that this way they don’t lose any of their working day.  Sandra Townsend of Your Good Prospects, said;

“There’s nothing better than finishing a structured meeting at 8.30am, where a lot of real business has taken place and knowing that my competitors have only just started their day”.  


“The object of the group is to look at ways to support each other with sales and strategically moving their business forward. There is a structured agenda which includes measuring progress toward achieving our goals and tracking contributions from members and how much real business has been generated through referring potential customers and sharing connections with one another”.

 Barry came along and listened over breakfast as around 30 members and visitors alike were able to briefly present their businesses and tell people in the room what they need and how people could help by utilising their skills and contacts. He took part, in the contributions section of the meeting by offering support and shared some of his own useful contacts, alongside other people in the group.

Barry was truly shocked at the dynamism and proper business that was done. He said he had no idea that anything like this existed in the Borough. Stadium is in fact the only BNI Chapter in Brent. Adrian Ford of FordFitness did an extended presentation on the day and Barry immediately shared a valuable connection with him to support his ABA Boxing sessions in schools.
At the end of Wednesday’s meeting Barry Gardiner said he was “amazed at how supportive” the environment was and how effective at helping each business to grow. Many business owners who live or work in the area were able to speak to him individually about the issues. He was invited to come again in the future and members said they hope to see candidates from some of the other

BNI Stadium Chapter meets every Wednesday at Mumbai Junction, on the John Lyon Roundabout on Watford Road, Wembley.  Launched in Feb 2009 by Kesh Mojaria (Regional Director of BNI and owner of The Best of Brent), they have already generated almost a quarter of a million pounds worth of business for their members. Anyone wishing to get this type of support (and some free training) for their business can call; 0845 004 9 003 to book a place at the next meeting at 6.45am on Wednesday morning,  or book online Click here or email 

Stadium  are currently looking for a number of additional companies that they can pass business to, including a good graphic designer, events company, florist, mechanic, training company, cleaning co, gardeners,  general insurance, Virtual Office Support and categories from the building trade. Stadium Chapter also welcome charities who may be looking for help from the business community.

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