Be Like Gandhi and Let Your Life Be Your Message
4th February 2010
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It was recently the 62nd anniversary of Gandhi’s death on 30th January

Though Gandhi died with very few personal belongings, what he did leave behind for us is his legacy of peace and non-violence.

One of his key messages was –”let your life be your message”.

A while ago, on the anniversary of Gandhi’s birth, I wrote my most popular article ever – 6 Key Lessons in Life from a 140 year Old Man.

In remembrance of Gandhi's death anniversary I would like to expand further on Gandhi’s teachings and outline how to let your life be your message.

The key is to remember that it is really about everything you do, say and have.

1. What legacy are you creating?

Gandhi left behind a huge legacy for the world. So what are you creating that will live long after you?

Maybe you are a writer, an artist or a politician. Or maybe you are just leading a “normal” life and you want to create your legacy through the way you live your life.

2. What noble cause do you believe in?

Not everyone can have a noble life mission like Gandhi. However we can all still endeavour to live our life with high principles and decide to make the focus of our life something noble and worthy.

3. What are your values?

Tied in with your legacy and your noble cause are the values you hold dear.

What do you believe is the correct way of living and what values will you never compromise on?

4. What is the work you do?

Usually we end up doing work dictated by our life situation and economic needs.

However if you could change your work and spend the rest of your life doing work you truly enjoy and which will make a difference to the world, what would you do?

5. How do you relate to other people?

At the end of the day, people are the only thing that matter.

So how do you relate to all the people in your life and all around you? Do they feel uplifted by coming in contact with you?

6. Who is your peer group?

The mark of a person is the company he or she regularly keeps.

So do you have an inspiring peer group of people around you with equally lofty ideals and goals?

7. What are your goals for your life?

Ultimately you will only get true fulfilment by thinking about beyond your own needs.

Do you have any short term and long term goals to contribute to the world and make a difference?

8. Are you a role model for children?

The greatest thing you can do for the world is to bring up your children to become loving, caring and responsible citizens. Maybe your message to the world is how to bring up your children and provide a loving upbringing and happy home.

Just what sort of role model are you for children?

9. What does your home say about you?

Living a simple, Gandhi like life requires one to have as few things as possible and not to waste our resources, especially in our homes.

Is your home a beautiful place of relaxation and comfort or a cluttered nightmare?

10. Is your relationship a beacon of love and affection?

The way you conduct yourself in your significant relationship says a lot about you.

With the current rate of marital failures, more than ever before today, the world needs people who can show others how to create a loving and sustainable relationship.

Why not focus on creating the best relationship you can and become an example for other couples?

11. What do you in your spare time?

Gandhi’s life was one of contribution and service. Though not all of us can lead such a life, one can still make a difference in our spare time such as through voluntary work or by passionately supporting a cause you believe in.

Just how are you making a difference to others in your “spare” time?

12. What do you eat?

One of Gandhi’s lessons was frugal and healthy eating. He was an ardent vegetarian and even walked the talk when it came to not eating too much sugar.

So do you eat moderately and eat to live rather than live to eat?

Make Gandhi Proud

To summarise, live your life the best way you can with the highest principles in mind. Live in such a way that one day you can look back and say that you did the best you could and through the example of your life, you showed others how to live.

And then, you never know, one day in the years to come after your passing, people may also mark and celebrate the anniversary of your birth and death:-)

Let everything you do, say and have, be a message about how life should be lived. If you always keep that in mind, I am sure Gandhi will be very proud of you, and will be smiling down on you.

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