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Little Heroes, Bradford

Wonderful work. The profile, knowledge and understanding of childhood cancer has significantly increased since the Little Heroes charity was established. They have raised £thousands to help those impacted by this illness locally and wider afield. Such passion, dedication and perseverance should be rewarded... so please give generously in support of this cause and to help the families that need support at such a traumatic time.

Bradford Cancer Support, Bradford

My diagnosis of breast cancer when I was 42 resulted in a course of chemotherapy and a mastectomy, followed by more chemotherapy and radiotherapy in the months afterwards. As a mother of two children and a wife, I felt totally overwhelmed by my situation, and didn’t really know where to turn. By chance, I came across the Cancer Information Centre at the BRI, which is jointly run by the hospital and Cancer Support. There, I realised that there was a whole range of services, some practical, some personal, to help me with my situation. I was able to get advice – I didn’t even realise I might be entitled to any help with access to benefits, but an adviser guided me through the process. I liked the fact that this help was available over the phone – I didn’t always want to smothered by people helping out. I also benefited from some lovely complementary therapy sessions, which were lovely and girly, and made me feel myself again, just for a while. Talking to the therapist about my feelings, fears and inner pain was so helpful. There are things you just can’t talk about with your family and friends. I felt so isolated initially, and I really don’t know how I could have coped without Cancer Support Bradford and Airedale. Now I really do feel that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and with their support I am now getting on with my life.

Little Heroes, Bradford

Friends of mine were recently and unexpectedly faced with the trauma of the serious illness of one of their very young children. Thanks to the Little Heroes Charity, practical help and support was at hand - thank you so much for everything you have done to help.