22nd July 2008
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Hi and welcome to thebestofbradfords blog! The first time I have ever posted anything on a blog site so here goes.

Thebestofbradford exists to highlight and showcase great local businesses, community services, events and local information. As part of the main website and business guide I have launched a blog where we can have a more informal chat about all things local.

People write blogs for many different reasons such as creating a personal online journal, or to talk about a particular genre such as politics or sport. There are community blogs, corporate blogs, video blogs, even dream blogs and they all exist in what is collectively known as the blogosphere. Some blogs are read by hundreds of thousands of people, others just by the author and a few friends.

This blog is in effect a community blog as it is there to talk about the city of Bradford.

I hope it will be read by many people in the community. If you live/work in Bradford I hope there will be some interesting reading here - please feel free to comment on the articles and get involved. In fact I am hoping to recruit some Blog Authors who want to contribute on a regular basis. The idea is to set up as a collaborative blog where we can have a number of authors each who are passionate and knowledgeable about a particular chosen topic of interest.

We have different topics such as Food, Culture, Home and Family, Shopping, Sport and All About Local.

Interested or know someone who would be perfect to talk about Bradford? Drop me a line at bradford@thebestof.co.uk

You don't need to be a blog author of course to comment on articles. Simply register as a user of the site - this means we know you are real and also trust you if you decide to recommend any local businesses. Don't worry, registration is quick and painless and your details will NEVER be sold or shared.

To start with I will be posting as and when I can and hope others will join in.

Many thanks



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