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What is the REAL reason England crashed out of the World Cup so abysmally? Hypnotherapist and motivational speaker Gary Blonder suggests that none of the popular explantions explain what went wrong. The truth he argues is in fact a matter of mind.
My husband bought some turf from a local DIY store (probably mistake No 1). When he got it home and laid it out half of it looked brown (in stripes)
If you drive a minibus, you need to have enhanced road and passenger awareness skills, which can be gained through appropriate training, assessment and accreditation from a qualified MiDAS Driving Instructor. Make sure you are safe and legal. More....
Don't fall foul of copywrite rules - I did!
Get rid of the rats!
Get rid of the rats!
There are rats running across the path to the Media Museum car park - add your comments to this blog and help get something done to clear the rubbish and get rid of the rats!
This is a Smarterware Blog article and well worth a read. It could affect YOU.
Why Twitter?
Why Twitter?
...for the same reason that determines the price of a house...location! The British Isles sit smack on the boundary of three weather zones - The Mediterranean, Continental and Maritime zones - which means we can get loads of different types of weather depe
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