The Fascinating Reason Why Anything's Possible
14th October 2008
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I used to believe that my world-view was a product of my experience. I now believe the opposite - my experience is a direct result of my belief. That's why you get some rich folks who are miserable and some folks with b*gger all are happy as Larry. I have discovered that the City of Happiness is in the state of Mind. Though attitude doesn't guarantee success it certainly helps. Wherever you do end up, it will be higher than if your attitude was negative. Mind really does affect matter. In fact, I believe that a positive thought in one part of the universe can improve the wellbeing of someone at the opposite end of it. I justify this from a scientific view - honestly!

This is because of what I now know what the universe is made of. Until recently, scientists believed that everything that exists could be divided into two categories: energy (like light, sound, heat) and matter (stuff). The interaction between these two things caused what we see happening.

However when scientists started looking at what the "stuff" is made of, it turned out to be very small bits a fraction of the size of an atom. These bits did not behave anything like matter was supposed to, and a whole new set of laws that applied only to very small sub-atomic particles had to be invented, called Quantum Mechanics. The smallest bits behaved like waves instead of particles. Eventually the penny dropped. Matter is energy! All "stuff" is really highly concentrated energy. You are not a blob of chemicals after all, you're an energy field! This means that in terms of what "reality" is, all bets are off!

You see, energy is basically a vibration, and vibrations can be passed on! This means bad vibes (and good vibes!) aren't imaginary, they're all around us! Everything around us is the net effect of all those vibrations. If you have a positive attitude, you are sending completely different vibrations into your surroundings than if you are negative. Not only are you what you think, you're affecting the whole world by what you're thinking! Cool huh?

Business people tend to be positive, which is why we are business people in the first place. As such, you can now comfort yourself that your success is not just down to pot luck. It's more likely just because you believe that it is! Your positive belief is affecting not only you but your environment, making it more predisposed to delivering what you want it to. Anything really is possible if everything's made of energy.

If that's as far as you want to go down this chain of thought, that's fine, but for the more adventurous, the implications throw up all kinds of interesting questions about what you as an individual actually are, and how you relate to the universe. You see, the first law of themodynamics states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but is constantly moving, interacting and changing form. The whole universe is actually one single blob of energy on the move, and energy can't "die".

Energy is eternal, time cannot "age" it. If your mind hasn't already blown, ponder this: since we are ourselves energy, we cannot really know what anything is because we can't step outside anywhere to observe it. What we actually "see" and "feel" and "think" is simply energy interacting. What we make of it is a construct of our minds, and we call this "reality". But this reality exists only in your mind! Put another way, if the universe was an ocean, you'd be a wave. A wave is the ocean but the ocean is not the wave, merely and one particular temporary expression of it. You could never truly know what the universe is because you are the universe, inseparable from it. All you can really do is decide how to vibrate...

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