Silly Season
28th August 2008
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For a therapist such as myself August really is the silly season - or should that be the completely dead season. The figures speak for themselves. Since starting up in April, clients were as follows: April - 2, May - 3, June - 3, July - 4, August - 0! I guess people just aren't looking to improve themselves on the cusp of going on holiday. This has been a double-edged sword. On one hand there has been no income for my business, and on the other I have been able to sort out all kinds of other stuff, including making plans for my business in the future, and to reflect on progress so far.

In my first five months, I have seen 12 clients, a record far better than any of those who qualified with me. All of those sessions have gone well and some of the earlier ones led to my seeing the later ones. I have been able to identify an "edge" over my competitors in terms of follow up support. I big blow was losing my pace at the local alternative therapy centre in July - a short-sighted business decision with no notice that left me scrabbling around desperately for new premises. Fortunately I was able to secure somewhere to be going on with whilst continuing to search for something more permanent.

So for the rest of this financial year it will be a case of letting word of mouth percolate and getting myself out there to show what I can do. It's like building a snowball, getting it big enough so it reaches "critical mass" and starts rolling down the hillside by itself. This means rising emphatically off bottom in September and rolling up sleeves, taking up every affordable networking opportunity. So then, once more into the office dear friends!

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