Feeling Hungry Is Good For You! Part 3
18th August 2011
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In the previous parts, I have put forward the argument that feeling hungry should be embraced as a natural healthy state, which should not be avoided but rather embraced. In this final part I examine some of the mental techniques that can be employed to get the mind to accept this state as normal.

It is important to stress that I am NOT advocating fasting or starvation diets. 1500 calories per day when losing weight then around 2000 calories to maintain ideal body weight is what the average person needs to do, this figure fine-tuned for height and the level of daily exertion. This is because eating properly keeps the digestive system healthy and the body cannot store protein, vitamins and minerals, so these need to be consumed daily, along with fibre to keep all body systems working at full potential. I am talking about the hungry feeling you feel when your body doesn't actually need more food.

The link between feeling hungry and feeling good needs to be established in the subconscious mind, where automatic and compulsive behaviour is governed. This part of your mind does NOT do logic, so simply mentally reasoning and logically accepting that feeling hungry is good for you will not make you feel better - the subconscious mind will simply override it and compel you to reach for chocolate! In the subconscious mind, the language is feelings, emotions and imagination. You will have to use different techniques to help it to interpret your feelings differently.

Both conscious/logical and subconscious/intuitive/emotional parts of your mind employ words, but wheras to logic they are data, to the emotions they are triggers. What you need to do to change behaviour is build new relationships between words and feelings. The techniques below all do just that:


An affirmation is a statement linked to a feeling. Repeated often enough, the subconscious eventually accepts it as truth. Whenever you feel hungry, make this affirmation: THIS FEELING I FEEL MEANS REALLY GOOD THINGS ARE HAPPENING TO ME. Whenever you are walking past a place where snacks are available, say I WILL NOT EAT YOU BECAUSE YOU'RE THERE, MY BODY DOES NOT WANT YOU AND I AM NOT YOUR SLAVE. If there are leftovers or seconds on offer when you've eaten your correct portion, say I AM NOT A DUSTBIN, THE BIN IS OVER THERE


Imagine you are a slim person at the ideal weight who looks great and eats right. Now imagine you are an actor researching this role and it's really important to get into character. Imagine vividly every detail about this type of person - how they look naked, how they feel about themselves, their attitude to food. In every sense BE this person in your mind. Do this whenever you are not on a task, like a completely whole and different personality taking over your mind.


For 15 minutes every day, isolate yourself from all distractions, put on some calming ambient music, relax deeply, focus on your breathing. On each inbreath think I LIKE BEING HUNGRY. On each outbreath think IT MEANS I'M HAPPY AND HEALTHY.


If you can afford it, go and see a qualified registered hypnotherapist. A skilled practitioner can "fast track" the whole process and change your behaviour faster and easier than you could on your own, and what it costs you will recoup on the food you're not buying! You will still have to do all the above but it will rapidly become a part of your routine.

If you have finally had enough of your feelings ruining your life, perhaps the time has come to change your reaction to them, rather than them dictating to you. Stop trying to appease them or run away from them, and instead start relabelling "bad" as "good". You have nothing to lose but misery!

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