Feeling Hungry Is Good For You! Part 2
17th August 2011
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In the first part of my article I put forward the argument that the concept of losing weight without feeling hungry is misguided. In this second part I will explain why and how feelings within you should be dealt with.

Human Beings evolved from our ancestor Homo Erectus around 200,000 years ago, and the reason we evolved in the first place was because of famine. Our advanced intelligence and ability to imagine and visualise increased our chances of survival when food was scarce and hard to come by. For most of our history since then, food continued to be hard work to get, and for much of mankind, it still is! Only since the Second World War, and the introduction of agricultural mass production has food not been an issue for the developed world.

As a consequence of our history, we are designed to grab food and eat it whenever we can get hold of it. The "feeling" of hunger is thus our natural state! Clearly, people of the past were not getting nervous breakdowns and feeling ill because they felt hungry, but only when there was genuinely not enough to eat. The only reason that today people feel terrible when they're hungry is purely psychological, the result of mental/emotional conditioning.

Due to genetic diversification, clearly some people only feel hungry when their body genuinely needs food, and regulate their bodyweight subconsciously, without any need for thought or intervention. These are the "eat to live" rather than "live to eat" people. This group however is in the minority, as the soaring average bodyweight of the developed world shows.

For those not as fortunate, if you really want to manage your weight (and it's not compulsory), instead of continuing your eternal search for the diet where you can eat what you like and not feel hungry, stop running away from "feeling hungry" and learn the mental techniques to embrace this feeling as natural and healthy. For a start, this feeling does not mean you are starving. You only start to starve when you have no fat reserves left and you start burning your body muscle to keep alive. All "hungry" means is that you could easily consume a meal, which is how you are meant to feel most of the time!

The stomach is not meant to be full all the time. Unfortunately when people get that constricting feeling as the stomach squeezes its contents into the gut for further digestion, people conclude they need to fill it again! They don't! It actually means they're moving from the short-term state of "feeling full" to the natural permanent state of "hungry", meaning "the stomach has the capacity to take more food in"

If you can accept that feeling hungry is how you're supposed to feel and are ready to learn how to happily embrace it, I will explain how in the final part.

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