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After 5 years on St James Road, Arron Carpets moves to the other side of town.
Dulak has won a national award for being the best loved business in it's category.
Lakefield Nursery, the fun place for under fives, is recognised by the people of Brackley for being a top business in Brackley.
The Cutting Company is recognised as one of the best businesses in Brackley.
Brackley hidden gem butcher wins a national award
Small town turns up some surprising results.
Local people have taken time to show support and genuine affection for Brackley businesses. A few kind words can make a huge difference to a business owner who puts 110% of themselves into their work.
If you operate a local business, make sure you're upto date with current HR issues.
Brackley salon, The Retreat Reflections Face & Bodycare, announced as winners of the Midlands & North East category at the British Beauty Awards
Saving energy - some common sense
Saving energy - some common sense
Let's do the important things first
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